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USA Sceners

category: general [glöplog]
Hey, I'm wondering who all here is from the USA. I know maybe oh, 2% most likely, but who are you 2%, and what is your platform of choice? I'll bet my life it's not a Speccy.

there are a few panamericans around, cant say i recall any of them carrying an obsession with the speccy though. sadly enough. :) are you doing stuff for the speccy?
added on the 2007-12-21 02:09:13 by psenough psenough
Oh no, not at all. I said that because you'll never find a speccy here. Perhaps a Timex-Sinclair 1000, but no speccy.
krang: i'd say closer to 0.2% :)
added on the 2007-12-21 02:35:13 by kusma kusma
never understood the word 'panamerican' but im one of those ;P
added on the 2007-12-21 02:39:34 by acidbrain acidbrain
USA scener here, my platform of choice is undefined, but I do have some random flash stuff about.
added on the 2007-12-21 02:48:46 by micksam7 micksam7
I would call myself more of a lurker than scener, but yes i'm from the good ole' US of A ;)
added on the 2007-12-21 02:54:31 by dnes dnes
Well, okay... 0.2% :)

And Panamerican usually refers to Panama, doesn't it?
krang: nop
added on the 2007-12-21 03:01:41 by psenough psenough
I actually do own a Timex-Sinclair 1000 - but it doesn't turn on anymore. :(
added on the 2007-12-21 03:04:00 by micksam7 micksam7
Meh..I almost think speccys are crap, but a side of me wants a speccy 128k to tinker with...

Of only they made such a tiny Apple II.
krang: That's Panamarian.
added on the 2007-12-21 13:44:39 by doomdoom doomdoom
I was under the impression that spectrum's were kind of an european + russian thing
added on the 2007-12-21 14:07:40 by _-_-__ _-_-__
krang: That's Panamarian.

Yes. Any panamerican ought to know that - really.
I'm not Panamerican, however.

So, so far we have one, maybe two other USA sceners here...And the only platform any do, that I know of, is Flash.

The US needs more ST sceners.
there is a lot of things that the US needs, and more sceners is not on top of that list. :p
added on the 2007-12-21 15:10:55 by NoahR NoahR
The obvious solution is to leave Panama and settle in Europe.
added on the 2007-12-21 15:17:16 by doomdoom doomdoom
But, I don't live in Panama.

And trust me, I'll be on the first plane to England as soon as I get the chance.
But I thought you said you were Panamarian!
added on the 2007-12-21 15:23:42 by doomdoom doomdoom
Anyway if you ask UK people, UK isn't part of Europe.
added on the 2007-12-21 15:24:50 by doomdoom doomdoom
Yep, that would be a quite rare system over here. More likely to find TI-99 or Intellivision enthusiasts(not to mention c64 or apple II).
added on the 2007-12-21 16:53:55 by IC IC
krang: if you check the releases from pilgrimage and blockparty you'll notice there are some other panamerican people (mostly canada and US) active in other platforms then flash. they're just shy during the holidays to talk in here, but they'll reply eventually.
added on the 2007-12-21 17:40:30 by psenough psenough
I would call myself more of a lurker than scener, but yes i'm from the good ole' US of A ;)

same here.
i haven't done much demo-like-coding, but from what little stuff i did for the GBA would probably make it my favorite platform.
added on the 2007-12-21 18:59:33 by louman louman
Panamerica, Fuck Yeah!

Speaking as a one of the active people here, I can say that no one in the two most active groups is doing speccy stuff. Here's a rundown of what we DO do currently:

pc 4k
pc demo - accelerated
pc demo - textmode
pc flash (Blackpawn has actually done some insanely nifty stuff)
gamepark (Basically just Barzoule)

... I've played around with the gba and the psp as well, but not anymore. I wanna do some annoying noiseprods on the NES next year. Favorite? PC accel, I guess. Although I like the weird little platforms.
added on the 2007-12-21 22:03:59 by GbND GbND


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