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MSX Viterbi Encoder and the Atari ST...

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I've caught wind of a tool that lets you convert a wave file, to a sample for the AY-3-8910 in an MSX computer, and amazingly, it sounds up to par with CD quality to me..I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way I could use this with creating samples for the ST, since the YM2149 is a clone of the AY-3-8910...

Has anyone tried anything like this?
it should sound like an 8 bit DAC according to the calculations. i checked the viterbi algorithm.. very smart, i really learned something from it. basically, it's required because the z80 is dead slow at poking the PSG channels and the error signal is big during these delays. the ST's 68000 is much quicker at doing that, so i doubt it would benefit as much as the MSX does from this method.

a side note: the author said the AY produces clicks when the channels are poked too fast. (at least IIRC) i don't know if this is also true for the YM. the best way would be to record directly from a real st (or easier, on the Falcon with the internal ADC, but this one has a slightly different YM version). Sadly, I have no time..
added on the 2007-11-11 22:12:49 by earx earx
And I have no Falcon :P

Just a 520STE and 520STfm on their way to me in the mail.....uuugh the suspense.


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