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Origin of the word DEMOSCENE

category: general [glöplog]
Does anyone know when and where this word appeared for the first time ?
added on the 2007-10-29 18:32:21 by Dax Dax
There was the "crackscene" before the demoscene and crackers were putting intros to their cracked software relases.
added on the 2007-10-29 18:43:24 by dissent dissent
In 1993, during the Gates Wars, a soldier took a lethal bullet while defending the very last ECS and ST outposts. A rescue team was on its way but it arrived too late, they barely had the time to ask him about his name before he fainted. His name was demoscene.
The name remained in everybody's mind and some people still keep praise him nowadays, especially during the summer.
added on the 2007-10-29 18:54:44 by keops keops
added on the 2007-10-29 18:55:44 by keops keops
i just read that term in an 1988 demo from hoaxers ...
added on the 2007-10-29 18:57:12 by elkmoose elkmoose
damn, I knew they lied to us with this crack shit!
added on the 2007-10-29 18:57:24 by dissent dissent
BB Image
added on the 2007-10-29 19:05:02 by texel texel
awwwwww god maali, kitten double surprise sex is so <3
added on the 2007-10-29 19:41:40 by __ __
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added on the 2007-10-29 20:22:02 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
In 1799, during the Egyptian Campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte, a huge cube made of stone was found near the pyramid of Keops.
This ancient building contains a lot of hieroglyphics describing old copy parties.
The word demoscene is a translation to french (made by Jean-François Champollion) of one of those hieroglyphics.
Thats common knowledge.
added on the 2007-10-30 00:02:47 by ham ham
added on the 2007-10-30 00:55:24 by xernobyl xernobyl
added on the 2007-10-30 01:31:12 by dotwaffle dotwaffle


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