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how do you call this effect?

category: general [glöplog]
The one where a picture gets constructed line per line starting from the bottom with a column of colors from the pixels of the line being constucted appearing in the screen
added on the 2007-06-08 10:53:15 by chriz74 chriz74
euhm plasmawobblenormalmipmappedparralaxvortexzoomrotatorc2p ?
added on the 2007-06-08 11:03:38 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
I don't think that's the one.
added on the 2007-06-08 11:05:52 by chriz74 chriz74
I don't think it has a name. One could invent one.
added on the 2007-06-08 11:06:42 by bdk bdk
I'm pretty sure it's the same effect discussed in this thread. There's also help on how to carry it out.
added on the 2007-06-08 11:11:09 by cruzer cruzer
added on the 2007-06-08 11:11:41 by krabob krabob
Cruzer: LoL
added on the 2007-06-08 11:13:03 by bdk bdk
this thread may spawn another prod like this:

added on the 2007-06-08 11:18:14 by earx earx
added on the 2007-06-08 12:44:58 by raer raer
It's the "Waterfall Effect", I think.

There a small description in here :

added on the 2007-06-08 13:12:12 by TomS4wy3R TomS4wy3R
Seriously, I would call that a "copper modulo" effect, which apply not only to the described effect, but to any effect playing with vertical beam and shifting the video memory pointer to deform an image vertically :)
added on the 2007-06-08 13:21:46 by krabob krabob
earx: Hadn't seen that - nice, now I finally know what Ghost was talking about :)
added on the 2007-06-08 13:33:27 by cruzer cruzer
Thanks Krabob.. do you know if anyone coded that effect on actionscript?
added on the 2007-06-08 13:39:13 by chriz74 chriz74
I think he means the effect in for example 1995 by MFX&Kewlers on the 2d layers ...
I've always referred to it as the 'wizzle' or 'fizzle' effect after this type-in from Your Sinclair.
added on the 2007-06-08 13:58:33 by gasman gasman
nah, i think he means the stack-sort of pixels on a per-column basis.
added on the 2007-06-08 14:10:58 by decipher decipher
"1D stretch"?
added on the 2007-06-08 16:04:47 by Gargaj Gargaj
reminds me a bit of the blackmail demo "dutch breeze" with hein holt's pics.. very nice fade effect on them.

2 c64 demos which remind me of such an effect, with logos.. hopefully i picked the right cheyens one.



line per line show?
added on the 2007-06-08 18:21:53 by wrthlss wrthlss
added on the 2007-06-09 20:36:13 by Joghurt Joghurt


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