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Any news on Tomcat´s arrest ?

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Did they let him free again ? After reading this and watching that this whole human-bones-found thingy appears to me to be merely just a fake reason for locking him away and keeping him off the streets. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the hungarian systems seems quite frightening to me.
added on the 2007-05-25 02:04:51 by Pap Pap
The video mentioned above (that one) is really worth watching. Don't be scared by all that cryptic hungarian language on that page, the vid itself has english subtitles.
added on the 2007-05-25 02:07:37 by Pap Pap
you are a part of his racist-campaign? or maybe your name is tomcat? stfu and stop bullshittin.
added on the 2007-05-25 02:08:45 by dubmood dubmood
No i'm neither Tomcat, nor do i know him in person. I've recognized him several times on BP and yes, i once thought too he'd be some kind of racist. But, after reading his Statement in Hugi and watching that film about the situation in Hungary, i really doubt that he's a racist. He actually denies it all the time. Yes there seems to exist some questionable incidents, but if would just take the time to have a look at the video (which is NOT about Tomcat but some documentary about violent police reaction on a recent hungarian demonstration against the president), maybe you could somehow understand what's going on in his mind a bit more; just like i do now.
added on the 2007-05-25 02:21:39 by Pap Pap
By the way, i've lived in a repressive system myself and also know what nazis walk/talk/act like and can distinguish. Eastern germany: we invented racism ;).
added on the 2007-05-25 02:42:36 by Pap Pap
tomcat never denied being a racist, quite otherwise. he denied being a nazi or a fascist, that's true. and it's true indeed, his views can't really be categorized as fascist. which doesn't make them any better probably. it's a crude mixture of anti-enlightment, anti-modernism, "mild" racism and state autharky/isolationism, mingled with half-mystical concepts about the ancient state of hungary.
added on the 2007-05-25 02:45:13 by dipswitch dipswitch
pap, you perceive the world in a kind of stencil scheme. the extreme rightwing, no matter if militant in idology or in deed, is not dangerous because it might listen to RAC or wear white boot-laces. the enemy is not necessary the obvious one. there is a whole bunch of people dressed in different appearances but who have one goal: to turn the time back and to eliminate everything progressive that has been done over the past few hundreds of years. under the mask of fighting, for example, the remaints of stalinist occupation in hungary, they are in reality eager to abolish the achievements ranging from the great french revolution to the movement of 1968, just to name a few angle points.
added on the 2007-05-25 02:50:34 by dipswitch dipswitch
and while the holy crown rule is a quite interesting and unique thing, it is even more a shame on which dubious grounds the neo-nationalists are fighting for it.
added on the 2007-05-25 03:00:20 by dipswitch dipswitch
tomcat never denied being a racist, quite otherwise

Another quote from Hugi Online (in the "Introduction" section), which was apparently written by TomCat:

I am not a racist

I think he denies being a racist there, or what?
nutman: they should do more proofreading to remove that kind of errors
added on the 2007-05-25 09:21:00 by the_Ye-Ti the_Ye-Ti
Ah, so if someone says "I'm not a racist", they're not? ...I'm not challenging that he denied it, just Pap's argument.
added on the 2007-05-25 12:34:22 by hornet hornet
hm okay, i was referring to some conversations, didn't read the text properly.
added on the 2007-05-25 12:34:32 by dipswitch dipswitch
Imo dipswitch is the biggest racist on pouet.
added on the 2007-05-25 16:42:30 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
i think all racists are one inferior species of Man!
Tomcat's various rantings in this bbs clearly makes him a racist. He might not like that label, but it's true nonetheless.
added on the 2007-05-26 01:40:29 by El Topo El Topo
racist or not we have freedom of speech and thought. he can spew as much hate as he wants but you dont need to believe him...
added on the 2007-05-26 08:22:37 by uns3en_ uns3en_
he can spew as much hate as he wants

crap- this site is hosted in holland, and thus subject to dutch laws and regulations. those might be relatively liberal, but there's definitely also a reason why many dutch nazi sites are actually hosted in the usa: freedom of speech is NOT unlimited here.
added on the 2007-05-26 08:36:43 by havoc havoc
El Topo: Can you provide some links to those rantings in the bbs that clearly make him a racist?
I couldn't find them with the search engine...
added on the 2007-05-26 08:57:29 by Sverker Sverker
tribão: Take a look in this thread: http://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=3300.
If you can't find something there we might have different definitions of what racism is.
added on the 2007-05-26 10:28:36 by El Topo El Topo
Hmm yes there were a couple of things there.
added on the 2007-05-26 10:42:55 by Sverker Sverker
offtopic to havoc: still, i think we should have freedom of speech and thought. banning some symbols/racist talk wont solve racism.
added on the 2007-05-26 13:52:45 by uns3en_ uns3en_
added on the 2007-05-26 14:21:18 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Here is a trick to stop being racist:
Each times you think about a community/ethnic group, realize that:
- There are always "as many differences" (of way of thinking, of any characters) between two individuals took in a community, than 2 individuals took in different communities. Dividing people by color, religion, nationnality or anywhat doesn't change anything. The differences affect individual characters.Realize that the people you think are the more close to you are as different as anyone on the other side of the planet.

Clearly, racism is the belief that people are unique within a community, and different outside. When considering the belief of "not being racist", the racist mind will try to search to what degree a "stranger" can look like himself and his community. Wrong method. The stranger, in all cases, got "as many differences" whith him than any person in his community.

Have you noticed how any political group, build upon a given idea, will concentrate a community around it. Now look: soon, the group will be split as soon as a "new different question" will be asked. For any idea, for any group, the split will always divide the community by around 50% on each side.... prooving mathematically that "free will" is directed more by randomness than reason.... and understanding how "free will" works is also a step done toward tolerance.

Once should also consider that young people spend their times building their personnalities, process which is always unconscious. they spend their times "categorizing things", like behaviours, clothes, in their head, and they think that "what define themselves" is the sum of these categorizations. (advertisement uses that to control people) It is wrong, these objects and their meanings vary for each individuals, even between close people, and it deny differences.
added on the 2007-05-26 17:54:34 by krabob krabob
krabob \o/ absolutely. where have you been? :) has Sarkozy enforced Marshall Law in France yet? :/
added on the 2007-05-26 20:43:38 by button button


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