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Internet Forums killed fun Demos-Scrollings

category: residue [glöplog]
Since we speak online (on pouët.net BBS for example and other websites)
we have no more scrollings in demos and few articles in scenemags

then : Anti-groups (antirazor, antioreo ....) - make demos with cool and fun scrollings, do flamewars in demos and we (demofans) will be happy.

shut up the mouth of depressive wich says demoscene is dead! do demos with flamewars in scrollings!
coming up next: vectorballs!
added on the 2002-10-28 16:38:53 by superplek superplek
video killed the radio star
added on the 2002-10-29 01:35:20 by robotriot robotriot
Bump! :D
added on the 2014-08-14 06:32:49 by fra fra
BB Image
added on the 2014-08-14 06:34:54 by Tomoya Tomoya
funny, by now I have expected some "the scene is dead" and "make a demo about it" trollings :)
added on the 2014-08-14 07:30:02 by TLM TLM
Yes, please do.
Friends don't make friends watch long scrollers at parties.
added on the 2014-08-14 09:36:37 by Preacher Preacher
long scrollers are meant for home watching
added on the 2014-08-14 10:57:15 by leGend leGend
Long scrollers are not meant for anything. They are often next to impossible to read because of effects on top and also annoying because they never match anyone's reading speed. Even those scrollers that are well-written tend to be best read in a debugger.
added on the 2014-08-14 11:05:22 by introspec introspec
pouet posts need a scroller mode.
added on the 2014-08-14 12:59:40 by Salinga Salinga
I´m pretty sure there will be a pouetMarquee scriptlet somewhere ;)
added on the 2014-08-15 02:32:32 by T$ T$
oh.. An option to turn the oneliner into a sine scrolled would be awesome :-)
added on the 2014-08-15 10:20:03 by xeron xeron
added on the 2014-08-15 10:20:32 by xeron xeron
Those old scrollers becomes easier to read when watching via YouTube.
added on the 2014-08-15 11:52:17 by fizzer fizzer
Ye ole chatters keep it shut, make a demo 'bout it willya :-D
added on the 2014-08-15 21:33:41 by Shinobi Shinobi
Has actually been done already! and with some serious style: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=61079
added on the 2014-08-15 22:19:23 by introspec introspec


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