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tUM'o2 - Germany 27.-29.12.2oo2

category: general [glöplog]
Finally in 2oo2 we are back! Due to many bad things that happened to the scene this year (TP is no longer a place for sceners and Dialogos has been
cancelled), we decided to bring back a fine party located in the south of Germany! Check our official party homepage www.tum-home.de for further information.

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added on the 2002-10-04 00:49:34 by Fzool Fzool
boah thx mates. finally a party in MY area!!! I will be there for sure.. ~_! doing live asciis or sumthing .XD
added on the 2002-10-04 03:04:35 by elend elend
yeah rulz !
shaka zooloo is rulu !

ace/aruu, i hope u´ll show up,
scamp u too...
eh, shouldn´t be a problem,
if ace shows up =
in scamp hes ass,
vice versa...

schulmädchen ihr seid...
man schaut euch unter´s rÖckchen,
schon da fanget ihr an zu heulen...
mit der faust will ich garnicht kommen,
denn ihr habet schon tief eure köpfe,
gegenseitig in euren ärschen stecken...



mit +2 leuten habet ihr vieleicht ne chance...
added on the 2002-10-04 03:55:20 by Igoronimo Igoronimo

Sounds cool, finally another party this year one can visit without meeting thousands of gamers.
added on the 2002-10-04 08:51:52 by nufan nufan
hey cool thing, I'll be there. freezing your ass off in the snow together with many other sceners on a party in midwinter always rocks ;-)

@nuf: 2 b honest I was quite surprised to see your name on the list. I know you told me over and over how much the party sucks - but haven't you been there every year anyway, telling anyone how much it sucked afterwards?
added on the 2002-10-04 13:23:00 by mizc mizc
mizc: yup, been there year after year, but last years TP was just too evil. Apart from that, even for the TP entrance fee I can travel to Mannheim without problems and I doubt there will be any sceners left at TP.
added on the 2002-10-04 18:10:28 by nufan nufan
we'll try to be there of course, too !
tum '99 was a very kewl party !
and afterwards of course come to 0a000h ;))
cu all dudes !
added on the 2002-10-04 21:43:34 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
Nice that the TUM Meeting is back. Keep it as a meeting like in '99, not so much as standard release party. The chance that I'm coming is at least a bit higher than for 0a000h
added on the 2002-10-04 23:18:38 by Crest Crest
A few compos wouldnt be bad after all.. =) and surprise compos, very important.

I wonder what you can do there in industriestrasse... :/
added on the 2002-10-05 00:03:48 by elend elend
fzool: TP hasn't been for sceners the past 3-4 years or so :-D
message @ crest: no, we also want some serious competitions with cool releases. with uc, geekcamp and siff we have enough of such "meetings" i think.

message @ elend: heer! bischt du Bebbche aus Mannem ?

message @ macaw: well, so come to tUM*o2.
added on the 2002-10-05 13:01:02 by Fzool Fzool
Fzool, I highly recommend that you drop your arrogance NOW.

Yes, I'm also happy to see tum'02 coming, and I'm already registered for it. tum99 was a small chaotic unorganized (=tum) meeting, and that made it fun.

OTOH, what you are currently doing doesn't look too funny. In fact it doesn't look like scene spirit:
Since you've announced tum'02 you keep on bashing all kind of other german parties there are.

Recent comments include that you won't link to the geekcamp website as their banners are too ugly, and that you recommend coming to tum'02 instead of geekcamp. And throwing together uc, geekcamp and siff, which are totally different things, also isn't nice.

So let's see: Underground Conference is a respected party with 5 times the visitors and releases tum99 had, supported by nearly every active scener in germany (and you didn't even attend it this year).

Geekcamp is a fucking cool idea for a new party by Topy44 and the never-guys. This idea deserves full support instead of bashing it.

And SiFF was a small sceners meeting in france, where you wasn't even invited.

So I doubt you have the knowledge to rate any of these parties or compare it to the yet-to-come tum'02.

Maybe you should remember who you are. You are just Fzool, see? And if you keep on pissing on everyone else trying to organize something for the scene, tum'02 might become a very lonely meeting with just yourself.

added on the 2002-10-06 17:39:52 by scamp scamp
ähm. scamp: i think zool doesn´t want to say anything against those meeting like the "siff" or "uc".
"geekcamp" ist not only a meeting, that was a mistake. i don´t think that he is "bashing" all other parties. scamp, if zool in some irc channel say more about what he is thinking of other parties than write him an email or something. In this thread, imho, Fzool said nothing against those meeting. he just say that we have enough "meeting" around here, and that was the answer of "crest" question.

I don´t know much about the "banner" thing with geekcam, sorry. it´s ok to put a banner on our site, but i think it´s also ok when we don´t do it. Don´t get me wrong, i think "geekcamp" is a great idea.

Peace, Love, everything to everybody. big respect to all party organizers (Underground Conference, Geekcamp, Dialogos, Evoke, 0a000h, ... an many many others, too)

Peace Diver
added on the 2002-10-06 18:16:21 by diver diver
Referring to Geekcamp it would be nice to hear something from Topy44 (no reaction on emails since about 2 weeks).
added on the 2002-10-06 18:28:44 by Crest Crest

"no, we also want some serious competitions with cool releases. with uc, geekcamp and siff we have enough of such "meetings" i think."

Sounds pretty clear, doesn't it? It's nice of you trying to spread peace, but yet I see some pretty unrespectfull attitude here ;)

Let's do a recap: tum99 was a very small, totally non-serious meeting without any serious releases, organizing or known visitors. Yet it was fun, as noone expected anything else. Crest asked that he'd like to see tum02 beeing the same. To be honest I don't think tum99 was at all comparable to any UC event yet. That's why I think expressing something like 'tum is a serious demoparty while xy is a "meeting" (quotes)' is pretty off the reality.

About the banner thing: It's not like topy asked for a banner link. Fzool stated by himself that he might visit gc, but that he doesn't want to put the gc banner on his site as he thinks it's too ugly for the tum02 page ..

One might think all this is a childish non-issue. But I just think fzool should show more respect and support for those that already organized partys or are currently doing so.

I'm also aware of the fact that he isn't representing the whole tum organizing team with that attitude.

Thanks for your response.

added on the 2002-10-06 18:38:12 by scamp scamp

A few days ago he told several people that he'll be gone until Sunday. No clue why ;)
added on the 2002-10-06 18:39:25 by scamp scamp
scamp: just put a smily behind Fzool´s sentence and everything is ok. Ok, this sentence sucks, sorry for that. But, maybe you should also know that Fzool is not the Guy who just walk out of his door, say that every other party is shit, and stuff like that. Why i am talking about it? Scamp, i just want that you relaxe. Don´t take any written sentence to serious. Just after your comments i realize that this sentence from fzool ist not sooooo good.

And please. We don´t say TUM 02 ist a release party and "better" than a meeting.
We just think that it´s a good idea to make a TUM again. And we also think, becouse there are many meeting around, we should try to make a party where you can release serious stuff. We don´t know it it works. We will see.

Look what you see in just on "stupid" sentence from Fzool. You write: "...is a serious demoparty while xy is a meeting".

We never wanted that you are thinking so black and white. We just say that we have the ambition to make TUM'02 a Party where you can meet People and also release some stuff. Dialogos has been cancelled, which are very bad news. We just want that all people who visits the TUM'02 have the opportunity to release something.

We just give you a place, a Partylocation, maybe better organization than last time, and so on. We just try it.

And the banner thing. Please make a 170 pixel large banner from geekcamp and
i will put it on my site (www.monostep.org). I Like this banner.
But listen. Toppy doesn´t asked, and Zool don´t like the banner, so where is the problem. You talk about stuff, just to say that Fzool is talking shit, or something like that. Maybe i don´t get it. Maybe i don´t want to get it. The banner thing is just a "subjective" thing, and. shit i dont´t want to talk about it anymore. it´s "kindergarten"

Scamp said: "One might think all this is a childish non-issue. But I just think fzool should show more respect and support for those that already organized partys or are currently doing so."

I tootaly agree with this one. But you can be sure that Fzool has a lot respect for other Party Organizer, meeting or release party, both of them are hard work for the organzizers. But what realy happen.

Maybe i could also say. "HEJ, the geekcamp guys has no link to the tUM'02 Party Page. i didn´t ask Toppy to do so, but he should show more respect to other party orgas. And on IRC i heard that he doesnt like our "photoshop" banners" ;)
(just fiction, not true!)

Maybe Fzool will say also some words in this thread, and apologize his sentence.
(bad english, sorry ;)

I hope we could take a "end of line" here. ("Schlusstrich ziehen" in English ?)

(i think) We all know, that everybody who organized a Scene Meeting, a Party, whatever have big respect to all other party organizers out there.

Gruß diver
added on the 2002-10-06 19:57:51 by diver diver
preview image from TUM:

BB Image
Coca Cola? :)
added on the 2002-10-06 21:51:10 by diver diver
Hello world.
Some thing i want to say here. At first, i never said that tum will be a better party than UC or Geekcamp, or that UC or Geekcamp are lame Party or things like that? So please visit this Partys because they rock (BOTH)!

This short Message to Crest, was written by me and i do not really think about it. I just want to say, that we want some releases too and not only want to sit around and do some stuff (drinking beer etc.). It was not ok, to say it in that way i do it. But, well, as said at the beginning, it was a short message for crest.

To clear some things. I never said that i do not want to put the Geekcamp Banner to the tum Page because it is so ugly. I said, it would be better to have an 88x31 pixel banner because it would fit better into the pagedesign. Nothing more.

and i am so fucking tired at the moment, no i do not really want to write more here. Sorry Scamp, you get this little sentence wrong. I love UC and i respect the work of you and of any other Party Organizer. But, why not a little email or some word at IRC, why here ?

To say it again:



So please, PEACE, ok ;)

WE ARE FAMILY (as tobi at TP7 said)

added on the 2002-10-06 23:10:12 by Fzool Fzool
Any party has its own spirit and I liked it how TUM'99 was made. Personally I don't think it's a Dialogos replacement (Geekcamp is arranged more or less as an alternative and next year it could be quite hard for Geekcamp when the Dialogos is returning), but it's a try to arrange something different to the highly commercial TP. And I don't think that very much groups will make their serious release on a more or less small party which is yet known only by ~35 people.

Fighting about placing a banner or not is imo childish. Everyone should know for himself if he wants to place a banner for a specific party on his website (I will place a TUM banner when Geekcamp is over).
added on the 2002-10-06 23:25:20 by Crest Crest
Fzool: Noone knows if geekcamp will rock or suck yet ;)

I sure understand that you don't want tum02 be like tum99 was. And that's what you should have replied to crest imho. If you want to do a comparsion with what you don't want tum02 to be like, the easiest and fairest comparsion would be your own party.

You probably think I'm overreacting, but think about it this way:

Organizing a party is lots of work, and especially this years uc had lots of cool contributions. If you compare this with a private 12-people-without-computers meeting (SiFF), it's like disrespecting all the work done by the people involved there. SiFF was cool, but not meant as a demoparty at all.

The point is: We currently have something in the german part of the demoscene which is pretty nice: The organizers of all known demopartys here support each other. Mekka organizers help organizing uc, uc organizers help organizing geekcamp, evoke organizers trying to save dialogos, .. and so on.

These days you are able to meet at least some organizers of all german partys on any other demoparty. This wasn't the case 2 years ago. Meanwhile there is lots of cooperation between parties, while in the past you could often see that "my party is the best"-attitude. Some organizers offer help by sharing experiences, other offer their equipment and so... and all try to make their visitors go to the other partys too.

The current state is something I like A LOT. That's why I'm getting easily upset if I get the feeling someone isn't supporting that great tendency.

You now too are a party organizer, and it would be nice if you would fit into that scheme. This includes choosing your words about other partys in public statements with wisdom.

See you at gc&tum02.

added on the 2002-10-06 23:39:21 by scamp scamp
möchte noch jemand wurst?
added on the 2002-10-06 23:48:00 by paniq paniq
Paniq: Gerne.

Just one final thing, just because I love the truth and fashion pasted it to me from her logfile: ;)

"To clear some things. I never said that i do not want to put the Geekcamp Banner to the tum Page because it is so ugly. I said, it would be better to have an 88x31 pixel banner because it would fit better into the pagedesign. Nothing more. "


[22:57] <Fzool> ich würde ja gerne den geekcamp banner auf die page knallen. aber der ist zu groß und häßlich


(Ok ok, splitting hairs sucks.)

Back to peace, love and harmony.

added on the 2002-10-07 00:18:52 by scamp scamp


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