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Bored of your platform? Suggestions..

category: general [glöplog]
Think Symbian! (see www.symbian.com)

Eg. utilize hardware as Nokias 9210 or 7650 for your stuff. We saw demo entries for both of them @ past Assemblies.

So, maybe of more interest: the soon to be released SonyEricsson P800 with full C++/Java Support (See www.sonyericsson.com/codetocash or www.ericsson.com/mobilityworld )

And the last of the lot and maybe the most fun to work with: SonyEricsson T300

Any comments?

added on the 2002-09-04 19:26:21 by sam sam
why not using cool platforms? I wanna see a demo on a sparbanken kådskitdosa
added on the 2002-09-04 20:59:36 by dubmood dubmood

you should all move to zx spectrum scene

added on the 2002-09-05 00:24:23 by raver raver

or no, better just die..

added on the 2002-09-05 00:24:55 by raver raver
i'd like to code for the sybian platform
symbian kicks ass
added on the 2002-09-05 00:51:20 by kusma kusma
by the way, ile... there is no "THE symbian platform" ;)
added on the 2002-09-05 00:55:46 by kusma kusma
Most of the times I am moving on the Donkey Kong platform. No, it's not boring.
added on the 2002-09-05 04:52:35 by moT moT

cool! my mum is importing donkey kong cracks to the kitchen and she knows how to ntsc fix'em too

added on the 2002-09-05 05:09:47 by raver raver
forget all platforms, get a life
added on the 2002-09-05 05:38:41 by hooligan hooligan
yeah, it will be really important for the demoscene to get more productions nobody can see. DivX is the future of democoding!
added on the 2002-09-05 11:56:04 by chaos chaos
but can you really call it democoding then?
added on the 2002-09-05 13:49:03 by pinhead pinhead
get a GBA or GP32!
added on the 2002-09-05 15:53:06 by Inopia Inopia
@Chaos: Productions no one can see?
Face it, API's for phones are the future in mobile telephony. So in a nearby future everyone will be able to download the "productions" down to their phone.. Via WAP, Over the Air Provisioning or for the more sophisticated or the playful soul, via your home PC and a data-cable (or whatever..)

And there wont be any compatibility issues. No different gfx adaptors, etc.pp... It's back to 8bit computing ;)

added on the 2002-09-05 20:41:00 by sam sam
sam, surely not. It's incompatible like hell.

There are currently out around 8 different screen sizes with different screen depths. Some platform specific APIs and around 3 different Java VMs... so please where is the compatibility?

This conmpletely sucks.

added on the 2002-09-05 22:18:22 by EvilOne EvilOne
One word: "Oric Rulez"... okay, that's two words :)
added on the 2002-09-05 22:36:10 by Dbug Dbug
WAP stands for Worthless Application Protocol. So much for that

OricRulez is one word :)
added on the 2002-09-06 05:40:37 by hooligan hooligan

New platforms? E.g. CommodoreOne or CPCNG?

About CPCNG see the articles in this link:
added on the 2002-09-06 08:58:19 by Optimonk Optimonk
Convert your old 256 byte intros for menuetOS (www.menuetos.org) and you'll become immortal.
added on the 2002-09-06 09:20:30 by dixan dixan
i said 'sybian' kusma
Uncle Sam wants you to code on PCjr/Tandy100 NOW!!! =D
added on the 2002-09-06 15:36:23 by Exin Exin
hey ,i was typing Tandy 1000,so who stole the last "0"...??? Anyways ,this guy must be stupid ,stealing Zeroes... =D
added on the 2002-09-06 15:37:24 by Exin Exin
Hardwired demos are the future.
added on the 2002-09-06 17:47:06 by pan pan
Pan: Lol! I wild demo idea I hadn't thought before...

I only remember when Antitec/Dirty Minds worked for a light sign and I asked him if we could code plasmas and rotozoomers in it and make a wild demo on it :)
added on the 2002-09-06 18:28:40 by Optimonk Optimonk
Or that guy in ReAct who was crazy showing us his Hewlett packard calculator ;)
added on the 2002-09-06 18:30:12 by Optimonk Optimonk


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