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Last Call for MindCandy 2 group commentary!

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OK guys, this is it, our last desperate plea for audio commentary on MindCandy Vol 2 from the original, remaining Amiga demo groups. Our goal is to get at least 20 out of 30 commentaries from (original) members of the demo groups featured on the disc. Wouldn't you like to hear them reminisce about their demos after all these years? We would.

http://www.demodvd.org/contents has a fairly accurate listing of which demos we definitely have commentary for (under the Comm column).

Groups we have NOT heard back from. Help!:

-Dual Crew/Shining (Klone)
-Kefrens (Desert Dream)
-Maturefurk (Lapsuus)
-Melon Dezign (Human Target)
-Polka Brothers (Friday at 8)
-Virtual Dreams (242, Love, Sumea)

Groups who MIGHT be making commentary, but an extra push wouldn't hurt :) :

-Razor 1911 (Voyage)
-Lemon. (Groovy)
-Nerve Axis (Relic)
-Ozone (Smokebomb)
-Spaceballs (State of the Art, 9 Fingers)

Groups who have DECLINED to make commentary. You should only try reaching them if you know them personally enough to change their mind:

-Andromeda (Nexus 7)
-CNCD (Deep remix, Closer, Killer)
-Silents/Crionics (Hardwired)

Given how many emails we've sent out to these groups, we'll leave you guys to find your own (maybe better) ways of contacting them.

BTW, groups who do commentary get 3 free DVDs or 50 euros per demo. If you successfully refer them to us, you'll probably get a free copy too. :) They can contact Dan (dmw(a)fusecon,com), Jim (trixter(a)oldskool,org) or me (vossa(a)snet,net).

All empty commentaries will eventually be filled in by us or other volunteers.

Big thanks.. -phoenix
added on the 2006-06-04 02:41:39 by phoenix phoenix
Facet reappeared from Lemon. recently and cooperated with Limp Ninja a couple of times, might wanna pester the ninjas to make sure.
added on the 2006-06-04 03:27:52 by Gargaj Gargaj
concerning dcs, i'll see if i can reach shape. also, bonzaj/plastic could surely do some commentary, since he was in dcs and participated in klone.
added on the 2006-06-04 03:38:23 by dipswitch dipswitch
I can try contacting drareg/ozone, god/ozone and cueder/ozone for the smokebomb thing
added on the 2006-06-04 07:33:54 by winden winden
Concerning Facet, you may contact Magic of Nah-kolor. He is in contact with Facet.
added on the 2006-06-04 07:39:20 by Adok Adok
I hope to see All the Cybo Man's by Komplex on this release
added on the 2006-06-04 10:56:01 by Mike 3D Mike 3D
I hope to see All the Cybo Man's by Komplex on this release
added on the 2006-06-04 10:56:14 by Mike 3D Mike 3D
thou shalt not doubleclick
added on the 2006-06-04 13:00:40 by kelsey kelsey
added on the 2006-06-04 13:11:16 by ninja ninja
afaik facet works at the same company as shifter.. ask shifter to nag him :P
one email dispatched to Vention/kefrens. I might also be able to get hold of some of the other amiga boys, a few are still around...

phoenix, I actually interviewed Vention for the havok radio a few years ago, some of it covered desert dream and other demos he was involved in. If you want to include some/all/none of that interview I'm happy to give you the rights and send you a high(-ish) quality version of it...
added on the 2006-06-04 23:56:22 by defbase defbase
defbase, show yourself on icq/irc soonish, man.. i miss ya :P
laxity/kefrens webpage: http://hjem.get2net.dk/laxity/top.html

added on the 2006-06-05 00:09:03 by defbase defbase
maali, yeah, I been really busy, only just got back to the UK a few days ago... I'll try pop on some time soon, don't want my little maali getting sad ;)
added on the 2006-06-05 00:10:21 by defbase defbase
defbase: thanks for the website, but it looks like it hasn't been updated in years. we have an email address for laxity (hotmail, actually) that he at least used two years ago, but we haven't heard back regarding commentary. he did give us permission for the demo.

i would definitely be interested to hear the vention interview... even if it doesn't cover the entire demo, we might at least be able to combine it with other commentary. email trixter and me an mp3 sample (or a link to one) if you can.
added on the 2006-06-05 00:46:14 by phoenix phoenix

Wow, I surely hope that Laxity homepage is seriously out of date. Or has he been unemployed since 1999?

Anyways, quitting university to code games -> not a good idea.
added on the 2006-06-05 06:01:26 by Stelthzje Stelthzje


that's really low quality 40kbps mp3, I have a high quality WAV (600mb+) on CD which would be better for you. The interview covers Vention's scene-career, it's not just a desert dream interview, but have a listen and see if it's any use to you. it's also the source of the infamous "welcome to the havok... I fucking forgot!" Vention quote...

i'll drop by boondocks and see if i can get hold of any of the others on your list.
added on the 2006-06-05 13:54:12 by defbase defbase
They ain't on boondocks, cept Tango, who hasn't been there for quite some time. But you should log in there anyway (:
defbase: nice interview, but i don't think there's enough from vention we could use for the commentary. however, if *you* would like to make a commentary track for desert dream, we'll give you a preview clip. you have a good voice for it. :)
added on the 2006-06-06 14:13:19 by phoenix phoenix
I punched out a message to Facet yesterday. Over coffee, I will punch him in the face for not replying yet.
added on the 2006-06-06 16:00:07 by Shifter Shifter
I spoke with Facet, since he hilariously forgot to read his mail. Looks like he's in.
added on the 2006-06-06 18:11:35 by Shifter Shifter
yeah, haven't been over to boondocks for a while. will stop buy when i get a min. I'm sure I saw Galahad/DCS on there a while ago?

phoenix, you got mail...
added on the 2006-06-06 23:33:20 by defbase defbase
shifter: que bueno. ask him to email one or all of us and we'll point him where to upload it, and download a video clip if he needs one.

and see if he can reach dan (/lemon.).. our dan (wright) actually reached him by phone, and he said he might do something but we don't know for sure.
added on the 2006-06-07 02:03:53 by phoenix phoenix
Looking at http://www.demodvd.org/contents I see that Maturefurk is on board now. Great! There's also a 'Yes' for Human Target, but IIRC that was there before you posted your message. What's the status there?
added on the 2006-06-27 15:45:07 by voz voz


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