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Swiss Chocolade Demo?

category: general [glöplog]

this TV-advertisment is now on swiss television:

-> TV-spot (sorry no DDL available)

is this there some kind of "scene"-spirit inside?
added on the 2006-03-21 19:27:53 by freed_ohm freed_ohm
added on the 2006-03-21 19:34:26 by Optimus Optimus

It's pretty cool - maybe a bit too short :D
added on the 2006-03-21 19:59:20 by Gargaj Gargaj
that's really *very* cool...
added on the 2006-03-21 20:26:25 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
no, there is no bass in the name :(
Some years ago there was a Sony commercial for their 32 times faster (than what?) music player with that rising/falling block style.

I wouldn't call that advertising demoscenish since there were quite a lot of art students with similar films.
Quite demoish commercial, really nice of course.
added on the 2006-03-22 02:46:13 by bdk bdk
the music makes it demoish ;-) sounds somewhat like a cheap 64k tune or something. seen this two days ago on swiss television, too.
added on the 2006-03-22 08:02:21 by unlock unlock
Glassworks have a quicktime of the ad.

http://www.glassworks.co.uk/search_archive/jobs/cailler_new_branding/index.sht ml
added on the 2006-03-22 08:10:22 by a_lee_n a_lee_n

Someone should add a database entry for Cailler in Pouet.
added on the 2006-03-22 08:44:40 by Kodoichi Kodoichi
:Q___ sbav
added on the 2006-03-22 08:55:12 by makc makc
There was a BMW advert with some kid on a tricycle, and a turtle... and it was very demoish. It had a very distort-style soundtrack, and the visuals were very stylised. Can't find a clip of it, though.
added on the 2006-03-22 11:57:18 by xeron xeron
Well, i found a still shot...
added on the 2006-03-22 12:00:38 by xeron xeron
Oooh... found a clip. Its a cut down version without the tricycle or the tortoise, though.

added on the 2006-03-22 12:02:49 by xeron xeron
Thumbs up!

Chocolade rules!
the thread reminds of the afri-cola demo

also haujobb used to get offers to do "commercial-demos" for big companies...
added on the 2006-03-22 19:11:10 by chromag chromag
Okay now someone do a realtime version of this.
added on the 2006-03-22 19:27:37 by noouch noouch
don't point your finger on us! :-)))
added on the 2006-03-22 19:42:22 by Axel Axel
But I am!
added on the 2006-03-22 19:43:25 by noouch noouch


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