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Is there a scene in China?

category: general [glöplog]
I am totally clueless, but dwing http://www.wex.cn/dwing/about.htm seems to be a Chinese scener.. ??
added on the 2006-03-19 12:49:21 by chock chock
added on the 2006-03-19 12:49:57 by chock chock
dwing have engaged in DOS demos circa1998 days actually without 3d accelerated video card,then he noticed 256b and have studied those demos disassemblly.
Tyrian2000 MusicBox is what i wanna an amendment,gui design additions or sth,and he still worrys about the size,maybe someday we gonna to make't.
added on the 2006-03-19 15:29:06 by sunnm sunnm
Is there even a scene in Hong Kong? I'm going there in 2 months...
added on the 2006-03-19 15:51:34 by freeze freeze
gba roms scene is all there :)
added on the 2006-03-19 22:09:41 by ph0x ph0x
Is there a ninja master in Hong Kong?
added on the 2006-03-20 11:24:03 by tempest tempest


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