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The scene needs a vacation

category: general [glöplog]
..or "holiday", if you prefer :).

There has been just way too much tension and rage over the past couple of weeks. I've been hearing/reading this type of stuff over and over.

"(X) is a lamer!"
"(X) should quit the scene and die!"
"Fuck (X) for not showing (Y) at (Z)!"
"(X) is stupid and doesn't understand (Y)!"
"DIE (X) DIE!"

You don't need to hold hands, sing Koombayah (sp) and love one another. But really, take a step back, it's not worth losing your mind over.

Next time you feel like taking a sledgehammer to your PC because you disagree with someone, take a deep breath. Turn off your PC. Read a book, go outside, take a walk, find love, maybe even get laid. Just don't waste your summer flaming people you've never even met. The scene only goes downhill when you do that. And, even though I've been in it for 10 years, it's not worth getting in a fuss over.

So remember to have some fun, and if you don't like the way things go.. hey, life goes on! Turn off your computer, even for just one day, and see how much better you'll feel coming back.
added on the 2002-08-09 15:14:10 by phoenix phoenix
amen :)
added on the 2002-08-09 15:25:47 by tomaes tomaes
wow, once you start believing it's for real YOU might need a vacation...

so phoenix, where are you going? ;)
being a lamer is lame
added on the 2002-08-09 16:54:05 by Inopia Inopia
ey, war is what the scene is all about!!


(i already got a private thread:)
added on the 2002-08-09 16:57:22 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
There is a saying I like so much:

"Voice of a man yelling in the desert"
added on the 2002-08-09 16:57:45 by moT moT
The scene is so friendly today, it contains mostly of ass-lickers. So its nice to see someone starting wars.
added on the 2002-08-09 17:00:52 by Wain Wain
hmm... school starts in three days so maybe i'll have to take some "vacation" from demoscene.
added on the 2002-08-09 17:19:49 by raymon raymon
i can flame you while youre gone
added on the 2002-08-09 17:21:44 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
I need a new life actually...
added on the 2002-08-12 10:16:51 by Optimus Optimus
I just went backpacking for 2 days, and I was very glad to be away from civilization and electricity. In the wilderness the full beauty of nature comes on slow, but after you've hiked to 1,200 feet and back down below treeline you learn to appreciate almost every little part of what you can see and breathe in.
added on the 2002-08-12 11:04:52 by niles niles
war is not good for anyone...
added on the 2002-08-12 17:25:25 by coat coat
don't forget the m16 salesman, war is good for him too.
added on the 2002-08-12 20:54:32 by moT moT
And for that family two towns over who makes all the grenades and mines.
added on the 2002-08-12 21:13:45 by uncle-x uncle-x
we are hippie killers.. me and ozzy osbourne that is ;)

added on the 2002-08-12 21:32:46 by violator violator
fokk me?
added on the 2002-08-12 23:21:47 by dubmood dubmood
But really, take a step back, it's not worth losing your mind over.

Dear god, even Phoenix is burning up! :) Get your personal holiday Phoenix, you *need* one (you wouldn't have stooped so low to start a thread like this if you didn't). Drop by, have a beer on me ;)

added on the 2002-08-13 00:29:55 by Shifter Shifter
The scene consist mostly of premature, pimpled kids. who as a result of lacking a life, need to go on to Boards, flaming and troll'ing it out.


or go to www.breakbeat.co.uk and listen to some nice relaxing music :)
added on the 2002-08-14 10:31:00 by NoahR NoahR
OR, it consist of people who has internet at their work and doesnt wanna code all days, and finds a war at pouet VERY funny, and laughing at morons like iblis who tries to run away from this thread but gets no where!
added on the 2002-08-14 10:36:50 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Stefan...ohhh im sorry, did i hurt your feelings?!!

Your lack of IQ really shines thru, so please stop talking before we all go blind fo0l!.
added on the 2002-08-14 10:54:44 by NoahR NoahR
nope, i dont mix feelings with internet related stuff :)

and besides, youre really bad at flaming , really you are
added on the 2002-08-14 10:56:49 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
LOL...ohh yeah?!! and you fight like a cow!! :p
added on the 2002-08-14 10:58:47 by NoahR NoahR
no, i fight WITH cows
added on the 2002-08-14 11:16:19 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
fsck you!
added on the 2002-08-14 11:46:34 by nosfe nosfe


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