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Why a trumpet in the background?

category: residue [glöplog]
BB Image this picture explains EVERYTHING concerning the term 'pouet'
added on the 2005-10-03 22:31:01 by xernobyl xernobyl
reminds me of monty python
added on the 2005-10-04 09:38:16 by el-bee el-bee
added on the 2005-10-04 09:39:40 by thorsten thorsten
ye like booobieees, pouet pouet
added on the 2005-10-04 17:49:03 by dubmood dubmood
BB Image

pouet? pouet!
added on the 2005-10-12 14:47:47 by Zest Zest
BB Image
added on the 2005-10-14 11:44:44 by Ger Ger
\o/ pouet intrinsic meaning is completely crystal clear now!
added on the 2005-10-14 16:46:35 by Zest Zest
BB Image
added on the 2005-10-17 18:59:35 by bdk bdk
Maybe a bit late,
but the trumpet is actually not a trumpet,
but a cornet.
BB Image
added on the 2010-12-28 15:20:53 by w00t! w00t!
Because flying butt-plugs might give the wrong impression?
BB Image
added on the 2010-12-29 22:35:21 by ringofyre ringofyre
why not a pink version with the pig? you can call it pig-let.
added on the 2010-12-30 00:03:02 by hexen hexen
BB Image
added on the 2010-12-30 00:45:46 by ringofyre ringofyre
haha nice. but, wrong pig.
added on the 2010-12-30 00:47:57 by hexen hexen
Dis "camion"
added on the 2010-12-30 01:17:10 by zerkman zerkman
added on the 2010-12-30 01:38:13 by cxnull cxnull
pouët-pouët !
added on the 2010-12-30 02:31:23 by zerkman zerkman
In the foreground they'd make Pouet unreadable.
added on the 2010-12-30 08:39:41 by w00t! w00t!
In the foreground they'd make Pouet unreadable.

lulz, best answer yet!
BB ImageBB ImageBB ImageBB ImageBB ImageBB Image
added on the 2010-12-30 08:52:12 by ringofyre ringofyre
actually, it is to be "www.poulet.net"
added on the 2010-12-30 13:06:01 by rac rac
If you want to get anywhere in the demoscene, you have to blow your own trumpet.
added on the 2010-12-30 17:06:11 by trc_wm trc_wm
xMaali: LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!!!!twelve
added on the 2010-12-30 22:09:10 by rac rac


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