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based on a true story

category: general [glöplog]
[02:14] <rmeht> no, you're under the swedish method effects :)
[02:14] <dominei> yeah :)
[02:15] <rmeht> how i envy you :)
[02:16] <rmeht> for being swedished :)

<rmeht> the first 3 letters of gargaj's name ?
<dominei> gergely yes
<garg^at_boycs> yes
<garg^at_boycs> germans had problems pronouncing it
<rmeht> they call you kkerkely ?
<dominei> that one was priceless, rmeht :)
<rmeht> ghgh
* dominei changes topic to '[02:10] <rmeht> they call you kkerkely ?'
<rmeht> at least they may call me kkamillo, so i'm excused :)
<dominei> haha
added on the 2005-05-01 02:22:42 by rmeht rmeht
if you're asking yourself "wtf is this shit?", let's explain. we are all drunk and we are chatting on #pixel about useless things and laughing without any motivation. so, don't blame us, enter in the mood instead and laugh with us :)

to be continued, maybe :P
added on the 2005-05-01 02:57:58 by rmeht rmeht
and mistaken pouet.net for bash.org? :P
<garg^at_boycs> germans had problems pronouncing it
<rmeht> they call you kkerkely ?

added on the 2005-05-01 17:37:24 by SilkCut SilkCut
H4h4h4 l0l huhuhuhihihi r0tf1!
added on the 2005-05-02 20:32:14 by Spewk Spewk
dominei 2 - maali 1
added on the 2005-05-02 22:30:07 by rmeht rmeht
BB Image
This guy seriously needs his own TV show.
you lose maali :)
added on the 2005-05-03 16:08:19 by Shifter Shifter
ah i like these recycling threads :-)
BB Image
added on the 2005-05-03 19:10:00 by havoc havoc
ahahahaha wtf... :P

btw i would really love to have that tasty samson box right here, the poles have too crappy rolling tobacco...
added on the 2005-05-03 19:17:13 by dipswitch dipswitch


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