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Idea for music preselection

category: general [glöplog]
Well actually I wonder how could we distinguish "specialists" or competent people...

Volunteers, that's all...
Nice blond volunteers who would agree to listen the whole playlist and vote before the others who are boozing outside.

May they get offered a free beer after their kind help?
May their vote have more weight?
That's other questions, but btw, they are blond and nice, so...
added on the 2005-04-03 19:28:26 by doh doh
My idea:
1) collect the entries ASAP after the opening of the party. In others word, crazy short deadline.
2) split all the entries (i.e:100) over (i.e: 5) members of the jury, preselected before the party. This gives 20 entries per members. Not so hard. Moreover, they will be fresh and sober.
3) Each member of the jury votes for the 20 songs he has been assigned to, with anonymity ON. The scale could be from 0 to 5. Each song has now a first note.
4) Once this has been done (a deadline is given to jury members to let them listen to all the songs), use a tool which randomize the titles and resplit 20 new songs to each member of the jury.
The members have NO trace of the notes they have given previously.
Of course, you will probably find the same songs in the same package and some members will vote again for songs they will have already heard.
Meanwhile, songs has been added and some removed from the package. It changes the context and it could change the context and the quality level.
Thus the note for a same song could change.
So, it gives a second note to each song.
Calculate the average note for each song and the 15 first are selected for the big-bang audio speakers to the audience.

The audience has the last word. Always.

- Jury is fresh and don't have to enter in a boring marathon listening session. They can take their time to listen the songs and have themselves a deadline for the first package, and for the second one.
- the good songs remain good songs but have the chance to be flamed down because one of the members does not bear the britney spears syndrom.
- bad songs remain bad songs but have the chance to be preselected because of different opinions on some particular events in the song that make it.
- debated and "complex to the masses" songs could have a chance through a second hearing or through the context of each package.

- The more entries, the more members to keep the ears freshness.
- Style voting is still not resolved. (for that, take some members OUT of demoscene if you can).
- It does not resolve the fact that a huge part of the audience don't care about the music and prefer to quickly click on sure values during the vote more than to make the effort to note the best songs during the broadcast.

You can minimize this by suppressing the name on the screen and on the vote system...
added on the 2005-04-03 19:31:18 by oxb oxb
my idea:
each contestant takes his clothes off, covers himself with olive oil, and then all contestants start wrestling against each other.
bonus points will be given for any fellatio or penetration.
the one who is standing in the end, will be the winner.
added on the 2005-04-03 20:21:59 by nosfe nosfe
This is the rule some drd members started to set up during the animation compo at BP, but you didn't let them the time to take off their clothes and further.
As soon as there are cheaters we can't apply your idea Nosfe.
added on the 2005-04-03 20:42:11 by doh doh
Oxbee, your idea can overload mine.
As soon as there are enough volunteers, we may not need to give each one the whole playlist to vote for.

I guess it would depend on the amount of entries.

But in that case it means you have to set up a deadline for declaring yourself as a volunteer and then make the split. It needs more work from orga team...

If volunteers vote counts twice the audience ones, we don't care the name voting anymore. I mean volunteers don't need the name while voting. Just show it on the big screen for the preselected ones.
added on the 2005-04-03 20:54:11 by doh doh
i have a better idea:

why don't we compete each year with the same track? like this, after some parties, people will either get tired or enjoy the track even more, thus the real results will be true after some years.

another better idea:

each musician votes for himself, being honest and everything. then, each musician votes for the other musicians. then, a random graphician comes and votes for all the musicians, and then they vote for the demo compo. after that, and before the end, they all drink beer and fuck the results up. and everyone will be happy!

even another better idea:

we leave everything as it is, and if you want to be appreciated, release your tune in a netlabel.
added on the 2005-04-03 21:20:51 by jeenio jeenio
Another good idea: we use our brains.
added on the 2005-04-03 22:35:21 by doh doh
let blind ppl judge graphics and deaf people the music!
You know, we have a year before the next BP. Some folks have experience running a netmusic compo and all (Amusic comes to mind) and, well... maybe we can try some stuff in a semi-controlled chaotic environment.

Rather than trying it at a party first where there's other stresses.

Then, if it works somewhat well, maybe we explain the system to a party (I'm thinking Buenzli, but, I dunno WHY I'm thinking that, I just... well, cuz Buenzli rules and all... but it's still small enough and with a good number of musicians sending in stuff... maybe a good example-test-party thing... I dunno I'm just typing off the top of my head.)

Anyway. Maybe some of us interested in this sort of thing could throw some ideas together in a web-based voting system, put up a minor contest, and try it out?
Actually, I doubt that there would have been a need for preselection at Buenzli. Am I wrong?

But, as you may know the Saturne party has resurected!
If it's as huge as it used to be, it may be a nice place to set it up.
Btw, I already offered to help them during BP for organization, so I may focus on it and give it a try there if they would like it.
added on the 2005-04-04 00:13:07 by doh doh
I've run quite a few netmusic compos myself, thanks ;)

added on the 2005-04-04 07:29:32 by wayfinder wayfinder
them = Saturne
there = Saturne Party 6
added on the 2005-04-04 10:55:23 by doh doh
Make severall music competitions, by splitting the entries by styles.

- Dancefloor music compo, with a real dancefloor and lights.
- Chillout music compo with a smoke machine and lasers.

It has been done before in a couple of parties already, and it avoids spending 3 hours in a row listening to extremely various styles, that is really tiring for the audience.
added on the 2005-04-04 11:13:00 by willbe willbe
Are the current Saturne (6) orgas the same as the former ones?
added on the 2005-04-04 11:27:50 by keops keops
@keops : Yes, fortunately. Or not...
added on the 2005-04-04 11:32:31 by doh doh
willbe: A smoke machine (or listeners, call them as you want) will be very nice for the chillout music compo :D
Allright. IMHO, dividing the compos per genre has a serious drawback. You somehow force the artists to fit in a category for the compo. It's kind of Universal Music syndrom. Maybe I'm wrong but multiple genres played one after another can focus a song as long as many musics from the same genre are not played in a row. If you play 15 house tracks in a row, it will be as inefficient in term of selection than 15 chillin tracks.

Just take the Assembly. A lot of musicians are trying to do radical different things from their usual style just to enter and fit the compo mood which is more orchestral/chill-out/pop music oriented than BPM/steroided music oriented.

This is not fair. You don't have to lose your soul to fit in a category otherwise how can you defend a song you have especially done for the fame and to win?

It's my opinion.

Good and creative compos have no room for easy "popular" music using the so-so mainstream dirty Britney tricks to convince an audience...

added on the 2005-04-04 12:39:07 by oxb oxb
@owbow: I thought willbe was joking, but who knows...
@willbe: I thought you were joking, but who knows...
added on the 2005-04-04 13:52:58 by doh doh
Do I look like I'm joking?
added on the 2005-04-04 13:58:14 by willbe willbe
who knows...
added on the 2005-04-04 14:21:33 by doh doh
I think willbe's idea is great. Dancefloor compo!

But unfortunately it would categorize the music even further, because where would a let's say power metal song go (if there was one)? It's hardly dancable, and not exactly chillout. Three compos? Dancefloor, chillout, and a third one for the people who want to hear their tunes played on the party audio system and for those (like me) who are genuinely interested.
added on the 2005-04-04 14:23:03 by Preacher Preacher
That's why I thought Willbe was joking.
Music can't be categorized into dancefloor vs chillout. And he is awared of it.
But, btw, who knows...
added on the 2005-04-04 14:53:08 by doh doh
It would be more like "danceable music" vs "undanceable music".

Actually, i mostly insist about "how can the orgas get the compos even more interresting" from an audience point of view.

Being able to dance while the tracks are played can be a delighting experience, and bringing extra lights / lasers effects for the non-danceable tracks would raise the event to a higher level.
added on the 2005-04-04 15:37:47 by willbe willbe
Every kind of music is danceable.

Come to an NA party, not enough entries ever for it to be a problem (forgetting the one NAID of course).
added on the 2005-04-04 18:02:48 by troll troll
where/when are any NA parties besides pilgrimage?

that seems to be the only one I can find, but I very well could be oblivious to other ones
added on the 2005-04-05 01:14:03 by UnWorldly UnWorldly
preselection by a jury sucks (selected by a jury = selected by french cheaters, i've said french ? oh yes, we are the champions of the fucking friends jurys)

yes for music compos it can be a problem of time

so i drop some ideas on the fire :
- do a dead line, then only the first people who submitted a music will enter the competition
- generate a "magic number" when people submit their music, and do a LOTO, the winners will enter the competition
- play all the musics, but only from the 60 to the 120 seconds (intros are allways too long and unuseful)

- play only the best musics in the party room
BUT make all the musics available for listening online on the party network After the room play
so our hears will not be killed by shitty prods and every scener can enter the competition
in festivals of movies for example, each movie can enter the competition, but only the best are played on the biggest screen


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