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Scene.org release = art property proof ?

category: general [glöplog]
A question that came into mind after this case (Willbe ripped off ?)

Since I and i guess many other musicians around, i'm not registered in any musical property protection society. In case of a major rip-off (imagine Variform from LB & Mel Function released on an Universal sub-label), what could be the legal proof of art property ?

Maybe the fact of "first in is original" in showing file date properties on scene.org servers could be sufficient. Any legal experts around ?
added on the 2005-03-10 08:04:40 by willbe willbe
Copyright your artwork with a copyright office. That's what copyrights are for.
imatran voima could sue kewlers :D
added on the 2005-03-10 08:56:35 by uns3en_ uns3en_
problem is that copyrighting ALL the songs of us, productive sceners, could be SO expensive!!
Read the scene.org homepage, they are dealing with some license matter since few days.
Actually being on a server is not a proof of anything if the work is not protected by the terms of a registered licence.
It's just the begining of a proof which could be considered as it by a court of law if you were being procecuted.
But oppositely, it isn't a valuable argument if you would have to sue someone.
added on the 2005-03-10 09:37:10 by doh doh
maybe it's an urban legend but, i heard something like that:

imagine you archive all your productions on a DVD (2005 is the year of dual layer). then send the media to yourself via the traditional post service. DO NOT OPEN the letter you just sent to yourself, this would be enough to ensure the anteriority
Willbe : you're french and you are protected by the French laws wich are ones of the most interesting about the intellectual propertie (forgot the fucking sacem wich will protect you only if you pay it and only on the amount of solded discs). It exist in our country lots of legal institutions wich will protect you for few euros or for free, each style of art have a protect house (technical brevets, visuals, music, sculptur ....). Start to speak with an INPI guy, they are cool and helpfull.

Guard][an : this solution is valid in France, it is called "enveloppe SOLO" and it is not a standard postal enveloppe, you must ask this enveloppe to the INPI, it cost about 50 euros i think, they will help you to protect your artwork.

few french links:
http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/WAspad/UnArticleDeCode?commun=CPROIN&art=L111- 1
thanx for the info Zone :)
added on the 2005-03-10 13:43:19 by Zest Zest


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