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your best party memory

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I remember Dialogos 2000, when kb gave his "internet keyboard" away. The best was the irritated watching market-director.
Styx: Yeah, that comment was a hooter, that almost went into a running gag ;)

But you're right. The 0a000h was a damn cool party ("Schmutz!"). Especially when laming around with the NEVER guys and getting on the orgas nerves as well as the sizecoding compos. Ruled bigtime and thanks again.
added on the 2002-04-17 21:52:19 by Delax Delax
foolman, poko was quite fun. when i got out of the car on saturday morning, he was still on the steps, prolly left alone for the whole night with just his classic almost-empty glass in his hand (indeed, he was standing at this place in the same poko-position already when i left to catch some sleep).
when i came near he asked 'are you coming from marilyn manson?', started checking if my tats were for real and kept on talking me into anything from electro musick to several things in english/hungarian ..
somehow he managed to judge from my look what kind of musick i'm into. funny guy. he knows how to make friends. :)

not sure if this reads as funny as it actually was .. anyway i permanently smiled for more than an hour.

poko rocks.
added on the 2002-04-19 01:54:48 by dalezr dalezr
Probably Takeover2000 .

In the democompo we watched vip2 for the very first time. When it was finished, the crowd went completely insane.

Other nice memories:

- Watching our first prod on the bigscreen at Wired98

- At Dialogos99, locals could get in for a few bucks and watch demosceners in their natural habitat. At one point, snq told me has was not feeling well, so we walked outside. When we were about halfway there, in a walkway filled with 'normal' people, snq decided he had had enough, and lay down on the floor. I actually had some troubles waking him up and persuading him to stand up and go outside. You should have seen the looks on the faces of all those people :) (btw outside he lay down on some nasty sharp rocks, oh well)

- Harassing lots of people at Trsac01 to vote for our demo. I even got one guy who also entered a demo to vote for ours anyway: 'Nono your demo was shown third, so put demo3 at #1, and ours at #2'

We won the compo with quite a margin :)
Juhla 3.14, January 1996 @ freezing periferia of Finland

It was damn cold, something like -26 degrees during the coldest night and we were literally nailed in a small and cousy partyplace. In sleepinghall (upstairs and without any heating?) was minus degrees so I decided not to sleep at all. Ah the joy of Finnish winter.

When it was finally time for the demo compo I was in the edge of reality and hallusinations but seeing Paimen by COMA on big screen really hit permanent marks in my mind. I also remember meeting MFX guys for the first time and they were sure that TGR2 would win the intro compo - and hell yeah, it looked gorgerous - but ended up finally only third. Even Paimen didn't win, but that's already another story...
added on the 2002-04-22 08:42:37 by melw melw
2 dan/lemon : most people who has gone on any party before 1990 are now in jail :)
This is the reason to.
added on the 2002-04-22 14:51:35 by OSTYL OSTYL
@ostyl : thats not true ;) on totalkaos forum are at least approx 100++ sceners who went to partys before 1990. so NOT all of us are in jail ;)

btw. for me one of the best events was on theparty91/dk, where i met reward/scx & hoffi/bloodsuckers... i still cant believe how much alcohol they drunk during the party days... best partys are with finnish dudes indeed ;)
added on the 2002-04-23 11:20:04 by barock barock
i guess one of my finest scene moments was the end of ms2k1 when the whole hall was cheering as a thankyou to the organizers. we stood at the beam bridge and we just thought "Yes, that's exactly the reason why we are doning this" :)

Another one was the opening ceremony of ms2k2, because it was so stunning to see that everybody was responding to it and we definitely had the laughter on our side. No wonder I messed up with my text...I was so nervous... :)

I am still amazed that every single joke i built into that text fired so well... :)
added on the 2002-04-23 17:22:59 by halfbyte halfbyte
The opening ceremony of MS2K1 was great as well.. standing by as the "olympians" (organizers) ran down the aisle.. and the torch lighting of the big screen fire effect was priceless.

I'll have to share some other great party experiences in the future, maybe even not including the words "drunk" or "puked"!
added on the 2002-04-23 17:38:33 by phoenix phoenix
Another great memory was Wired '95. I decided to get there the day before the party started, in my math class. Five minutes later i packed my bag, said "sorry, i have to go" and left :). I coded a small C64 demo in 14 hours from scratch, went to bed, flunkted school completely the next day and get t the train station to go to Mons, Belgium.

What i've forgot was printing out the plan how to get to the party hall. I got out at Mons, was quite shocked how cute most of belgian girls are ;), and thought "ok, i don't know where to go. cool. let's remember... the party takes place in a university building"

Few minutes later i went to a taxi and digged out my long forgotten french class knowledge to ask:

"excusez-moi s'il vous plait, ou est la universitee?"

What i've understood from the answer was something like "quelle? Il y'a cinque" (which one? there are five!).

Hooray. Lost in a small belgian town, and unable at all to get to the party. Quite hopelessly, i wandered through the city centre till i came to a street where two nerdy-looking guys in t-shirts crossed my way, speaking something which definitely wasn't english.

"cool, if i go where they came from, i bet i'll find more" i thought. And 30 minutes later, i even found a small university building and a demo party in it. Finally.

Wired '95 itself was great, i got to know many people, such as AEG/Sds, Räd-Äd/Purge, Pascal/Cubic Team, good ole Crest and others...

... and as the party was over and we all went back to the station, i realized that the station was actually five minutes and ONE corner away from the party.

This was the point where i slowly started to hate life. Some months later, i became part of the goth scene. Coincidence? I don't know :)
added on the 2002-04-23 18:51:27 by kb_ kb_
the olympic theme went better than the knights theme (imho).
you're just such an athletic, rasmus.
added on the 2002-04-23 21:32:24 by melw melw
thanks matti :-D

... or maybe the "knighting" sort of fell to the ground during the prizegiving - and the olympic theme rocked!
2 barock/TSL&Proph: Do you remember a group called UPFRONT at the CrystalSilentAnartchy the party 1 in
Denmark ? I trying to get in touch with members from this band, i've some questions for them.
added on the 2002-04-24 11:22:37 by OSTYL OSTYL
No one ever been to Hungarian parties? :)

Cache '96 Spring, seeing State 808 by Shock and Max by Astroidea dueling for the demo compo prize, where Max won with only some 3-4 points... That's where DFJ / Dinasty was so drunk that he tried to beat up everybody (he's sized like Hellfire, hehe).

Doom compos... Do you remember?

FLaG '98. The place was a school, and the director - a woman - gone nuts about being unable to command us like little kids... He called the police five times on us, because of the "noise" we made. Finally the cops didn't even leave but played football in the yard with the Astroidea guys, and the outraged commander told the director he'll bring a machinegun to make some noise if he calls them again.

SCEneST '96, with the great demos, and the funny lamer competition. Fun compos on different parties. Hell a lot of memories! :)
added on the 2002-04-24 11:51:27 by tomcat tomcat
I should not forget our regular attempts in door hacking (in youth hostels, hotels, etc., everything that has those cards with holes in them)
well, so far we didn't succeed :) but it's fun anyways.
kb: hating life because you had some more way to walk ? then we must hate life alot ;)
asm99: got off the tram to early, nearly 1km to walk
tum99: drove around the harbour district for 1 hour, missed the party place 3 times for about 20 meters
asm00: again off the tram too early, again nearly 1km ;)))
buenzli#10: missed the party place, needed half an our to drive back because in bern nearly all streets are one-way
plus of course waiting in front of party halls when it's raining etc etc...
added on the 2002-04-24 11:56:29 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
I'd not ask mat!/ozone for his best party memories, he'd surely run pouet out of space with his reply ;)

Otherwise, I had the greatest fun at Euskal 4 (1996) where I met tons of sceners... that was my first party though. The best party I've been to was BCN '01, although I knew almost everyone there already.
The feeling was great, and we had great fun too. I specially remember the firt night, making the kung-fu sex with the sex doll and drinking vodka with hmn "churros" (dunno if that even exists outside spain).
Really weird, and great fun too!

added on the 2002-04-24 15:09:06 by Jcl Jcl
- asm01, having your music played in the compo final to thousands of people.. highlight of the personal year :)

- asm00, first bigger demoparty for me. all those people shouting to gamers "TURN THE F*CK OFF YOUR MONITORS!!!" :) you may say whatever you want, but asm kicks ass as much as ms.

- abduction 97 (do they still have abdus) - first demoparty ever. alone there, without a pc. participated in multichannel compo and fell asleep during the finals and missed my own tune :)

- ms2002. the party name is very apt: indeed, every real scener MUST make a pilgrimage to Mekka once in a life at least, and preferably every year.
added on the 2002-04-24 23:32:40 by Terminus Terminus
Hm... Haven't really gone to many parties (5 in case), but I think seeing our first demo (YouDie) on the bigscreen was a lifetime experience...
The whole thing felt like the roof was blown off the place...
And after it, everyopne was saying like "YOU FUCKING PSYCHO IDIOTS!" Oooooh yeaaaah... Can't reproduce the feeling... Will try tho' :)
added on the 2002-09-27 12:20:04 by Gargaj Gargaj
..having tp93 be my first big party. meeting a real geek and having fc sign my t-shirt. meeting acme and the rest of the dutch posse. travelling there with darkzone and gollum on the norwegian bus. spending the night on oslo s because i missed my flight home.

..making our first party-contribution at tg94.

..seeing nexus 7 and cyboman on the bigscreen at tp94. spending time with orange and meeting the finnish posse for the first time.

goddamn - the scene is good.
added on the 2002-09-27 15:53:21 by gloom gloom
När Urban rakade skägget på hackerence5
added on the 2002-09-27 16:27:27 by mempheria mempheria
Oh, and I must add that recieving our first actual prize at AntIQ ZooZ was also a very nice moment.(third place)
added on the 2002-09-30 16:52:42 by Gargaj Gargaj
a lot of parties were good
added on the 2002-09-30 17:35:51 by superplek superplek
at mekka 2k-1, i was chatting online with the update^copro who i didn't know before. in the beginning, it was by no means clear that he also was present at the mekka, but in fact, he sat only a few benches next to me.

oh yes, and at the very same mekka, i was introduced to exin^sdi and magnum. i wasn't introduced to magnum, but he told almost everyone present who he was and tried to boast with his competence, which mainly was the ownership of a laser pointer. exin (who is also on pouet.net) is a real 8-bit person.

the most annoying part experience was dialogos 99, where our production didn't run properly on the compo machine, but none of the organizers contacted us beforehand. they just let it fuck up. up till now, it was never clarified if there was a bug in our code or if there is a bug in the dos version of ptc. what a shitload of frustration!

well, we never used ptc again since then, btw. ptc for windows doesn't handle a taskswitch when running fullscreen in a robust way, the surface just gets lost. when running windowed, changing the desktop's color depth also terminates ptc; the surface just gets lost. okay, ptc fails safe, but i consider this as "undesired application behaviour".

btw, if anyone would like to discuss some graphics framework coding under windows with me, just drop me a mail.

oh yeah, and at the party 8 in aars, the chicks at the snack desk were really attractive (at least one of them). and it was great to get introduced to pi^citavia and inti_666. does rainkid also belong to these guys ? i cannot remember...
added on the 2002-09-30 18:50:59 by rac rac
surface recovery in directx in general sucks, but isn't really hard to handle yourself. competence, eh?
added on the 2002-09-30 19:35:18 by superplek superplek


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