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oh, and:

if u really don't give a fuck about what happened then why would u possibly bother to write and tell everyone about it on a discussion???
160.000 dead people is no joke, and iam sure this is not the final list....
added on the 2005-01-01 23:38:37 by NuKem NuKem
haha. stefan: keepin' provocatism at the max in 2005!
nuke: you just don't have a clue about WHAT iam talking about.
added on the 2005-01-02 02:02:25 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
I offer my sympathy to all the people who have lost their friends or family in this tragedy. peace goes to those who strive after their lost ones and hope to find them alive!

your words are enough, whatever you say from now on, its better whe both not meet iin future. be sure that my word counts!
added on the 2005-01-02 03:03:50 by NuKem NuKem
Nuke: everybody knows lator is a moron, why do you even bother answering this asshole?
added on the 2005-01-02 03:05:37 by keops keops
keops: i didnt know it was lator, and i dont know him, reason. tell me about that lamer please :D
added on the 2005-01-02 03:12:06 by NuKem NuKem
stefan aka latos aka arneweiss aka megadelux aka slempung
be prepared to get NOT over MY WAY...
added on the 2005-01-02 03:19:08 by NuKem NuKem
Some day you will learn its not very bright to threat people because you dont understand something they say.

A better way is to ask what the person means, you didn't - you just thought it would be cool to threaten me via the internet, how very brave!

Most people did understand what this topic was all about, and it didnt have anything to do with the victims of the tsunami. It only was a reaction of how disgusting the massmedia and the red cross has turned this out to a campaign to get shitloads of money.
added on the 2005-01-02 03:48:27 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
added on the 2005-01-02 04:11:59 by irvin irvin
stefan: And just what do you suppose they're going to do with all that money, squander it on booze and prostitutes?
megadelux, this for you:

(03:25) * NuKe^SiP sets mode: +b *!*@bos.campus.luth.se
(03:25) * Daemos sets mode: -b *!*@bos.campus.luth.se
(03:25) * slempung was kicked by Judith (Banned)
(03:25) * Joins: slempung (stefan@bos.campus.luth.se)
* Timer 1 activated
* Timer 1 halted
(03:25) * slempung was kicked by NuKe^SiP (you sucker)
(03:25) * Joins: slempung (stefan@bos.campus.luth.se)
(03:27) * NuKe^SiP sets mode: -o Daemos
* Retrieving #pouet.net modes...
(03:29) * NuKe^SiP sets mode: +b *!*@bos.campus.luth.se
(03:29) * slempung was kicked by Judith (Banned)

and hey, your latest picture: http://www.treegracefarms.com/gallery/images/pig.jpg

how you changed from that one?; http://www.slengpung.com/pics/Assembly%202004/10764.jpg


added on the 2005-01-02 04:22:20 by NuKem NuKem
thom: aftonbladet is known to put their money to exactly that yes. about the red cross i think the money will go into the company and as in any help orgnisation feed the big bosses and still let the people on the field work for next to nothing.
added on the 2005-01-02 04:23:02 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
nuke, why dont you paste the entire irc log? where you go to personal insulties after you understood you threatened someone without having a clue? it was rather funny!
added on the 2005-01-02 04:24:12 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
megadelux, or arneweiss whatever you are, you are just a childl. blah
added on the 2005-01-02 04:32:04 by NuKem NuKem
bra initiativ stefan! det e klart borgarpressens direktörer gråter sig lyckliga över detta. lär sälja mer lösnummer per dag än under ett år nu. därför media inte borde få vara vinstdrivande.

gott nytt år. tänk vad många pedofiler och manpowerVDs som strök med jag ska nog gå å runka nu
added on the 2005-01-02 06:58:44 by dubmood dubmood
yeah a really spoiled child too huh... I wounder how much money a thailand trip cost
added on the 2005-01-02 07:10:36 by dubmood dubmood
Please keep death and destruction off of the boards of Pouet. I donated $300 Canadian to the relief efforts and would rather not have Pouet demean my contribution. Thanks.

Let the children play demoscene.

On that note, refuse to give Red Cross money. Make them spend your 9/11 contribution.
det är glada dagar speciellt för dagspressen. prenumererar du på DN och förväntar dig att få nyheter och artiklar om vad som händer i världen för dina pengar? glöm det.. vi fyller hela tidningen med helsides bilder på gråtande människor och lik som flyter i vattnet...
added on the 2005-01-02 10:36:45 by hollowman hollowman
You swedes act like fucking retards. If you actually have a point, then write it in a common language. (READ: ENGLISH)

You are obviously messing with peoples feelings here. If I had been in an accident and survived then I would really prefer to not get that kind of crap in my face afterwards.

I'm not sure if NuKe understood the so obvious (ahem...) point of megadelux, but I sure as hell would react the same way NuKe did.

You deserve a fucking kick in the face, lator.
added on the 2005-01-02 11:18:44 by irvin irvin
NuKe said:

if i will ever met you on some party, your ticket for hospital is sure! i hate people like you...

your words are enough, whatever you say from now on, its better whe both not meet iin future.

you, sir, are an aggressive prick! fighting solves nothing!
added on the 2005-01-02 11:22:50 by skrebbel skrebbel
skreb: depends on the impact.
added on the 2005-01-02 11:25:40 by irvin irvin
och i GP är det nästan lika illa som i DN.
får vänta på nästa nummer av ETC helt enkelt
added on the 2005-01-02 12:10:28 by dubmood dubmood
irvin, i didnt think anyone beside lator and dubmood were interested in a serious discussion. most other posts i see here is about people trying to act cool by talking about how much they are gonna beat up lator. why would anyone want to, or even try to discuss anything with people who are stuck on the cavemen level?
added on the 2005-01-02 12:19:16 by hollowman hollowman
I refuse to treat anything in this thread as discussion, or even intermediately educated babbling, until someone explains this: Why would someone who intends, instead of tired provocation, to start a serious discussion or even simply bring an "obvious" point through, open with this:




And apart from Nuke I only see a handful of posts referring to violence. Should I now refuse to discuss anything with the entire population of Sweden since by your methods of deduction none of them even care to discuss in anything except their native tongue?
added on the 2005-01-02 12:40:12 by jobe jobe


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