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writers block is for lamers

category: general [glöplog]
now is the time to break your pseudo writers block and write like you never written an article before.

deadline for pain 1204 is set to december 9th.

we need mostly partyreports, but if in the making or devising of a partyreport you casually reach upon an issue which should be further extended and discussed in a full fledged article you are still quite welcome to write it and send it to us aswell.

and dont forget to vote:

remember, it's your PAiN, help enhance it, you know you like it when it hurts.
added on the 2004-11-25 23:18:02 by psenough psenough
i did my part already :D
added on the 2004-11-25 23:23:17 by Gargaj Gargaj
you mean "like you never wrote an article before." ;)
added on the 2004-11-25 23:23:27 by mechan mechan
"write like you never written an article before" seems like pain will be quite a horrible read
added on the 2004-11-26 07:53:40 by hollowman hollowman
you know what i meant.. =)
added on the 2004-11-26 08:17:47 by psenough psenough
Get serious, boys! That's the way PS meant it!!

I just hope Unlock won't finish his baby before JP comes out. I already hear Darkhawk whining about re-re-re-used articles. ;-))
added on the 2004-11-26 08:22:02 by ghandy ghandy
actually I've not idea, whether it will be finished in time - but we'll try hard.
hollowman: if you feel like proof-reading 50 articles in two days, contact me. if not, just ignore the next pain in case you feel personally harassed by spelling/grammar errors.
added on the 2004-11-26 08:59:21 by unlock unlock
sorry, i tend to forget that magazine editors are the most touchy people in the scene.
added on the 2004-11-26 10:29:40 by hollowman hollowman
yep. especially unlock. he's stuck up, too!
added on the 2004-11-26 10:34:28 by skrebbel skrebbel
i interpreted your post as an offer to help out with proof-reading?
added on the 2004-11-26 10:48:37 by unlock unlock
oh, forgot a smiley: ;-)
added on the 2004-11-26 10:55:56 by unlock unlock
hollowman, they are not touchy... they are "sensitive" ;)
added on the 2004-11-26 13:17:55 by Spock Spock
touchy?!? we're not touchy! how dare you say we are touchy?!?!? we're not touchy at all!!!! fuck you all to hell!!!!!

added on the 2004-11-26 16:00:56 by psenough psenough
the meaning of life:

BB Image
added on the 2004-11-26 19:43:28 by psenough psenough
what if people actually don't want to write something? ever thought of that?
added on the 2004-11-28 15:25:54 by gemini gemini
gemini: then they suck.
added on the 2004-11-28 20:27:37 by psenough psenough
added on the 2004-11-29 14:45:54 by ghandy ghandy
I wrote! I urge everyone else to do it to. I will maybe even finish my evoke report.
what did you write about?
added on the 2004-11-29 15:39:50 by skrebbel skrebbel
added on the 2004-11-29 16:49:42 by erpherman erpherman
black block
added on the 2004-11-29 19:47:47 by dodke dodke
why are people who arent interested in mags lamers by default? ps, you disappoint me.
added on the 2004-11-29 20:34:10 by gemini gemini
because they lack spirit. ;)
added on the 2004-11-29 22:15:45 by psenough psenough
deadline for articles ends soon, but you're still in time to send your last minute articles during the next week.
we'll be aiming for tum release of PAiN1204. support us with your articles and chart votes or suffer the horrible consequences.
added on the 2004-12-08 15:28:23 by psenough psenough


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