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Series 60 Challenge

category: general [glöplog]
except for the paid dinner in france and the al mighty glory; i don't see any motivation in the prizes...
Rasmus: So we cant expect an updated picture-scrolling-demo?
added on the 2004-11-15 16:16:31 by psenough psenough
Contestant must be a company (no private persons can register)

weird rule.

I doubt a lof of companies will waste resources and time entering a compo in order to get a free dinner in France and some crappy advertisement/feedback ;)

Too bad they don't allow private persons entries (although some people will probably use the name of their company)
added on the 2004-11-15 16:35:03 by keops keops
haha wtf
added on the 2004-11-15 17:00:06 by dipswitch dipswitch
keops: yeah, i found that pretty weird too. however, i don't think any sceners will have much trouble getting a "company" to front their product. hell, if you people have an entry, i have a company that can enter it. :)
added on the 2004-11-15 17:04:38 by gloom gloom
gloom: I tried series 60 / midp 2.0 coding recently and it almost drove me insane.

EclipseMe was good but it seemed to have weird behaviors (settings) sometimes and the series 60 emu was not very "friendly" :)
(not to mention Nokia's sdk)
added on the 2004-11-16 01:54:12 by keops keops
slemmy: try if you can produce something better in 2 days learning midp1 on a nokia 6100 phone :)
btw. i have a registered company (www.3kings.dk) so if any individuals wants to enter the compo - just mail me and we'll figure it out.
yes, if anyone needs a company, www.loaderror.com will also like to front your entry...
added on the 2004-11-16 10:07:17 by loaderror loaderror
haha .. enough companies.. no entries.. :)
added on the 2004-11-16 13:11:16 by okkie okkie
haha.. and then i typed in www.loaderror.com.. say loaderror.. how much money do you make with that :)
added on the 2004-11-16 13:12:03 by okkie okkie
I get along you know..
added on the 2004-11-16 13:16:29 by loaderror loaderror
no prizes?
strange rules?
added on the 2004-11-16 17:20:15 by ph0x ph0x
no prizes?
strange rules?
ph0x: What? It sais that great prizes await's the winners.
added on the 2004-11-16 17:58:29 by ekoli ekoli
oh, I was ironic above...
added on the 2004-11-16 18:24:56 by ekoli ekoli


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