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Its time for a .Werkkzeug category!

category: general [glöplog]
for the 1st time i agree a Okkie Hasselhoff comment
special category is not a good idea
if the users of WZ are fair play, they will add a "made with .Werkkzeug" tag in the NFO
it will be easy for the people who want to find this kind of prods, to search in google with this :
site:www.pouet.net "small ascii font" "made with .Werkkzeug"

Gargaj : no it is not me, it's Raist wich do this webpage.
lets not trash the database too much.
else i feel obliged to yell for a S.E.U.C.K. database and add every fucking game richard/tnd ever did.
added on the 2004-09-22 13:02:20 by dalezr dalezr
bah. you guys forget one important thing : flash is _not_ made for demoscene purposes and mailny used to create SHIT, DULL, LAME ANIMATIONS for the web (and only a few percent for demoscene). Wrekk'ize and demopaja (etc...etc...) is created mainly for demoscene purposes !!! This is a BIIIIG diference !
Nuff said :)
and yes: no wz and dpaja category needed imho. Then all demo should be in other category made by groups having own demotool...
added on the 2004-09-22 13:02:39 by AbcuG! AbcuG!
^ entry in the database, that is.
added on the 2004-09-22 13:02:40 by dalezr dalezr
for the 1st time i agree a Okkie Hasselhoff comment

What? You mean to tell me you disagree with the grand excellence of David Hasselhoff?

BB Image
added on the 2004-09-22 13:46:04 by Shifter Shifter
The retarded French fuck means that he finally started thinking for once :)
added on the 2004-09-22 14:46:03 by superplek superplek
plek = racist
added on the 2004-09-22 14:54:56 by superplek superplek
I think you also can't import your own effects into flash. That's, IMHO, one of the defining things for a "demo tool", because demos are supposed to be Realtime Presentations, and the inability to stuff in your own realtime shit (ie. code) is unacceptable.

But there's nothing wrong with an imported demo tool supporting basic blending effects and timelining, IMHO.

Also, presentations made with flash are usually animations, am I right? Demos shouldn't be just animations, IMHO... although as we've seen, this doesn't count for Assembly demo winners :p
added on the 2004-09-22 15:03:15 by uutee uutee
Oh yeah, the only good thing with having "animations" (as opposed to demos) realtime (eg. flash) is that they usually take less space than full .AVIs.
added on the 2004-09-22 15:04:00 by uutee uutee
no .Werkkzeug category unless other toolz also have their own category
added on the 2004-09-22 15:48:04 by EviL EviL
I like the idea of having a flag for demopaja, wz etc. This would make searching easier and maybe put the demos into better perspective.
added on the 2004-09-22 16:58:37 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
maybe it would be a good idea to add sg like, "characteristics" to the prod...
sg like...
"needs 1.1 shaders"
"needs 2.0 shaders"

and more.
added on the 2004-09-22 17:07:34 by Gargaj Gargaj
Whatis the diffrent between werkkzeug, demopaja and self coded demos ???

I think there is no diffrent, because all of them are creative workouts.

demo = demonstration

that means someone demonstrate his creative work.

So don't talk about this shit with a seperate category for werkkzeug or other demotools.
Demotoolusers also creative people like coders, but most they can't code that is the reason for using demotools. I think they will do something for the scene and they don't destroy them.
The scene will be destroyed because there are ignorant people who give newbies no chance.
Where is the fool when demotool productions can look better then much handcoded prods.
Think about that and did not talk so much about demotools, because the most demogroubs use there own tools and not everyone in a demogroub can code, too. If you are a newbie and you don't know a coder, but you will be creative you must use a demotool...
added on the 2004-09-22 17:10:31 by wickedz wickedz
Where is the fool when demotool productions can look better then much handcoded prods.

And EXACTLY that is the reason why such a flag is desirable. It is fairly unfair to bash newbie coders (as rare as they get) for not using a demotool.
added on the 2004-09-22 18:00:10 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
... and this from the horses mouth...
added on the 2004-09-22 18:03:42 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
Maybe wickedz would be trying to learn proper coding instead of posing now if it wasnt for wz.
added on the 2004-09-22 18:04:19 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
Maybe newbie coders will use better textures and more beutiful looking colors. I pay much respect to all coders, i can't code maybe i will try it sometimes ;-)
added on the 2004-09-22 19:39:13 by wickedz wickedz
If you do a separate category for WZ prods, I will start demanding one for quickbasic ones =)
added on the 2004-09-22 20:43:08 by Optimus Optimus
just don't add werkzeug demos. That should do it.
added on the 2004-09-22 21:24:53 by the_Ye-Ti the_Ye-Ti
Actually shouldnt it be the reverse, werkkzeug being an animation tool and flash a demo tool? After all, you can actually program and have your own realtime code in only one of those. (I let you guess which one it is)

But yeah whatever..
added on the 2004-09-22 23:02:27 by _-_-__ _-_-__
if you do a separate category for wz/dpaja demos, i will start demanding one for toaster demos.

and more:

- prods which were done in a computer with or without a demoscene sticker on it;
- prods which were done sitting in a wooden chair and prods which were done in one of those plastic, rotating, up and down chairs;
- prods which took more coffee than beer and prods which took more marshmellows than german butter cookies;
- prods which use nvidia, pentium7 at 34.6 GHz with 3945873 TB of ram, 7 HD's, 3 floopies, a fridge and a small space to store those pieces of furniture that one day you will want to put in your room but only when you finally get that expensive desk you are trying to get since ages.
added on the 2004-09-22 23:34:25 by jeenio jeenio
He-man has a big penis
added on the 2004-09-23 00:30:41 by tryfex tryfex
jeenio has leading!
added on the 2004-09-23 01:04:39 by okkie okkie
Here I have to point out that demos/intros made with demomakers were *never* considered serious productions. Werkkzeug is nice, but as soon as it's released, it's just a demomaker tool. One can use it, sure - but that's not an intro or a demo, it's a Werkkzeug "animation", or call it whatever you want. A demo should be made by a coder, and not a tool.

Same goes for Demopaja or A.D.D.I.C.T.

I think it's not a Werkkzeug category what we need, but a tooldemo category. Yeah, we can call them like that: tooldemos. This term quite describes these products.
added on the 2004-09-23 03:47:09 by tomcat tomcat


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