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3D acceleration kills the demoscene

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no good HW radial blur? WTF are you talking about?
my "recursive" hardware blur easily reaches 60fps on GF2mx and looks far better than any software radial blur i've ever seen
Search for prods Discotheque and Cosmic Beat :)
(too lazy to make links)
added on the 2002-11-18 18:37:59 by ector ector
Now I think It was a good choice to stop taking drugs.
added on the 2003-01-14 16:00:43 by skarab skarab
ector: have you seen TPB03?
added on the 2003-01-14 16:57:00 by Inopia Inopia
go CGA!
added on the 2003-01-14 21:45:06 by illum illum
go Hercules, go Xena!
added on the 2003-01-14 23:10:57 by Optimus Optimus
Drink milk, be a scener.
added on the 2003-03-10 14:59:48 by skarab skarab
between: time is runnig fast away as my stupidity
added on the 2003-03-10 15:02:36 by skarab skarab
Skarab> shut your smelly mouth ! you are lamered with your stupid posts without any goal, and you don't know english parler bien, alors tu la fermes ! dabord ! non mais tu te crois ou la ? spèce de bouffeur de schtroumpfs !!!

>Lot of people say that DOS Demos are dead.
A demo can't die, you should know that "tête de noeuds" ! People have stopped to release dos demo, but that's all [folks] ! give me a 'w' ! W ! give me a 'c' ! C !
> I think DOS demos are more expressiv about the >prog quality than the 3d Accelerated demos.
Yes, et un porte-mine c more expressiv qu'un crayon de papier about the prod quality, spèce de gargamel en patamodelé va !
> The 3d acceleration is only for games I think.
Stupidity is only for lamers... go on the road and touch your right eye with your right eye, you'll be the king of universe et même plus !
> I've watched last OpenGl demos, and I laugh a lot !!
You've make a mistake, you seem to tell : "I've watched my last OpenGl demos, and I laugh a lot !!"
> Demos-making under DOS is the best way to start.
And to die.
> I think if John Carmack was borned later, he'll >began DOS programming instead of OpenGl
And he wouldn't have been a lamer.
> Coders must know what they are coding before
> using hardware.
That's true, you're a lamer and you know what is it.
> Using hardware for demos isn't a good thing.
Like farine and oeufs for cakes.
> DOS is the best way to show what you can do, or >what people can do with their brain, not with >hardware.
If you can't touch your eyes together with only one doigt you're a lamer.
> I think 3D accelerated demos are only videos.
Demos are only videos.
> 3D acceleration kills the demoscene, sure.
Why have you wrote this post only if it was for ask if somebody were creating dos demos ? you're a good dog ! GOD is DOG !!! yeahhhhhhhhhhh !!!
Between it's very stupid, you can make accelerated demos using dos, like crepes using waters (sisi c vrai, ça pue mais c vrai).

ps: ce post est aussi dbile que l'autre mais ça m'éclate. un rien m'amuse.
added on the 2003-05-11 20:02:27 by skarab skarab
Don't drink and post
added on the 2003-05-11 20:22:19 by Scali Scali
Don't post, drink :)
added on the 2003-05-11 20:26:39 by skarab skarab
3D acceleration ADDS features to existing ones. It doesn't kill anything. That's stupid to thinck so (in my humble opinion of course). Amiga demos aren't dead, are they? And anyone can still code for any platform, as soon as he has the proper hardware or emulator to work on.
added on the 2003-05-12 08:25:04 by {OdS} {OdS}
skarab: you DO realize that John Carmack initially coded games for DOS? (which leaves you standing as the morron you really are).
HW demos rulez, and i never liked DOS demos, maybe because during this period i was an amiga fanatic =)

btw, MP3 kill the music scene, yeah chiptunes was better... haha ...
added on the 2003-05-12 11:43:28 by cyb0rg cyb0rg
Skarab> I think if John Carmack was borned later,
>he'll began DOS programming instead of OpenGl

RA5MUS> skarab: you DO realize that John Carmack initially coded games for DOS?

Ra5mus, i know that he has begun to created dos games (et heureusement tu me prends pour qui au juste ? when he'd begun to program, dos was the main platform), i just wanted to tell you that if he had begun to programmed now (where win using hw rendering is the main thing), he would have begun to use software rendering. (et perso je m'en balance de ce qu'il aurai fait j'en sais rien du tout et ça changerai pas ma vie, je sais même plus ce que j'entendais par ça alors bon...)

added on the 2003-05-12 13:52:39 by skarab skarab
>And he wouldn't have been a lamer
It was ironic !
added on the 2003-05-12 13:54:15 by skarab skarab
as long as it looks, feels and sounds good, i don't care if it's for ZX spectrum, Windows, CPC .. 3d acceleration kill the demoscene? no way .. there's a lot of great accelerated demos
added on the 2003-05-12 14:06:38 by zabutom zabutom
Skarab claimed "i just wanted to tell you that if he had begun to programmed now (where win using hw rendering is the main thing), he would have begun to use software rendering"

Did you know that Carmack was one of the first people to actively start using hw rendering? Why would he have started using software rendering?

(blahblah, feeding the troll, yada)
added on the 2003-05-12 18:56:39 by sagacity sagacity
he started to use software rendering.
added on the 2003-05-12 19:26:35 by skarab skarab
i can't believe this.
so many of you are fools.
too bad.. :\
added on the 2003-05-12 20:39:02 by superplek superplek
I will also reply with a non sequitur now:

He said so.
added on the 2003-05-12 22:28:13 by sagacity sagacity
If i remember well, john carmack was the first programmer to create 3d worlds (i mean games too), using the ray-casting technik (i don't remember, but i think that he had invented it, or use it the first maybe).

added on the 2003-05-12 23:48:52 by skarab skarab
lol.. ever watched amiga demos skarab? open your eyes...
added on the 2003-05-13 07:13:39 by nystep nystep
haha, this is such a hilarious thread. skarab definitly saved my day
added on the 2003-05-13 07:49:57 by delta delta
how about if we CONTINUE this thread?!
added on the 2003-05-13 08:46:49 by dodke dodke
That's a *great* idea Tsutmotushimuhowyouarecalledanyways ;))))
added on the 2003-05-13 09:16:21 by Optimus Optimus


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