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Non-scener's confusion about the scene

category: general [glöplog]
ok, we can wrap this up!

in what?

added on the 2024-07-01 19:57:48 by lynn lynn
I've not got a picture that bifat would have gone through databases systematically enough to make a paper. He has just merely rised up few productions to emphasize his points. So the work probably remains to be done anyway.

fwiw, I did some reading and the counter points that were brought up by @bifat and @krill seem to align with the overall vibe of interviews in recollection. don't mean to downplay them, the mag itself is a very interesting read but indeed a more systematic approach might be required to draw any conclusions. There are definietely some questions I'd love to see answered first, either by analysis of csdb or reaching out to some early sceners with a bit more structured questions than a free-form memoirs, so @bitfat & @krill - in case you'd like to discuss this further or possibly help with reaching out to the early sceners, given pouet does not do DMs, feel free to ping me on discord (æn.d͡ʒə.loʊ aka @unjello).
added on the 2024-07-08 18:20:46 by angelo angelo
angelo: I can post a request on CSDb - main question would be how to qualify as early scener. Probably needs some kind of magical threshold year. =)
added on the 2024-07-09 11:06:30 by Krill Krill


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