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Maybe the last Function?!

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Since we'd released the invitation for Function 2023, there have been many questions about what the (not too well hidden 😉) message means in the demo.

Though I've had quite a few long discussions with many of you at Revision ( and that's how gossip starts, b/c you know... demoparty, alcohol, ppl talk about lots of different topics, loud music, sleepless days, language barrier, etc. 🙃 ), I think those of you who have ever visited our beloved party or still plan to visit it someday deserve a little bit more detailed and cleaner communication in this topic. ( I'd already updated the Hungarian community a few days ago on the very same topic over scene.hu, so now it's time for a pouet.net post ).

So the facts are the following:
The news about that pasy and myself as main orgas will stop doing it after this year is pretty much an unquestionable decision we'd made. ( whenever we'd started this whole journey together 10 years ago, we'd made a promise to each other about 10 consecutive events, and we don't feel like we would have the passion and energy for doing more )
So from this POV, that Function you could get used to will be over for sure. This will be the very last installment by us. ( Please don't assume this was an easy decision on our end, we had quite heated debates within the team even during Easter Party, but we came to this conclusion, as we'd like to do very different things in the future related to the demoscene ).

As Function is a 21 year old party, of course, it had 3 major different setup during this time. So as Vincenzo ( who started the whole series back in 2003, so acts as the curator and copyright owner of the party series) said: if the main orgas from the two previous eras bind together their forces, there's still an option for them to organize it in 2024 ( and maybe later ).

Of course, I cannot say if it's a reliable option on their end ( it's absolutely up to them to make the decision if they're really willing to set up a new team, look for venue would fit their needs, etc. ), time will tell ( latest by EOY 2024 ).

But if you are willing to experience the Function vibe for sure:
"This could be your last chance!"

With peace and love,
Maugli ( main organizer of Function for the last time 😁 )
added on the 2023-05-17 17:33:41 by Maugli Maugli
Thank you for some wonderful parties! 🤗
added on the 2023-05-18 08:33:50 by moqui moqui
You can always do as I did. I see that chaos constructions event is passed away, I tell them maybe I can lead it for a while. They say no. Than I say what if I change a name a little bit. They say go ahead, do it. So UNDEFINED was born.

If you have difficulties with the place, rent a house, or go online completely for a while.
added on the 2023-05-22 17:03:22 by nikhotmsk nikhotmsk


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