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Evoke 2023 | July 28 – 30 | Cologne, Germany

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Next time you can try „Chocolate dreams“. Our breakfast today was very nice.
added on the 2023-07-30 19:54:38 by gaspode gaspode
Here's a first small bunch of photos, provided by the TRBL same-day party photo delivery service as usual. This time, both quantity and quality are lower than usual for various reasons, but I wanted to keep the tradition anyway ;)
added on the 2023-07-30 22:58:52 by KeyJ KeyJ
That Hardy thing is just hilarious in the meantime. You really let him sit in front of the party place in the rain? Bah...
added on the 2023-07-31 01:03:43 by Noust Noust
It was quite nice there, been enjoying the whole Saturday! Thanks again to Ozan for his infamous bbq !!
added on the 2023-07-31 13:36:26 by ghandy ghandy
I could not make it due to becoming sick just when the weekend begun, but it sounds like this was a really great Evoke :) I also watched the stream as much as possible, some really mad productions! Reading what AMItac_TSA wrote about Hardy made me a bit sad, though. I hope we can find a way to get past that trouble and for him to return some day..
added on the 2023-07-31 16:05:19 by BSC BSC
Great party as always, and no COVID this time. ;) Very enjoyable compos although the tracked music compo was unusually small (probably due to the theme? I know jeenio saved our ass there ;).

My only real complaint this year would be the beam slides - on our tracked music entry, the last line was cut off, and I noticed the same happening on various other entries. It would have been no deal at all if the preview showed this, but I specifically verified the preview image after submitting the entry, and the full text was visible there. In general it would be very desireable at all parties that organizers tested the slide templates with long texts and all options being used - it seems to become more and more common these days that either options are not displayed at all (making it hard to follow mixed-platform compos in particular), or long texts being cut off / being resized so that they are unreadable.

Be back in 2024!
Here's the DJ set ronny and I played on Friday night:

rp x dojoe - live at Evoke 2023
BB Image

The tracklist is LONG so I'm not posting it here, but it's in the mp3 comment tag as per usual.

It's been a blast exhausting ourselves and you for almost four hours <3
added on the 2023-08-11 12:26:00 by dojoe dojoe


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