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T.S.A releases their Web Page ( Arts Releases )

category: general [glöplog]
The Solaris Agency - Web Base Update.

Hope that´s the right place for this small info...

After a longer development. Our page has reached the next step. ( having al(l)most releases of our crew together with devlab also available on our web presence.
If you want to take a look, just visit :

tsa - artists section

as we also working together with devlab and as there were also few scene releases, you might also be interested in technical stuff and our physical craft and design location which also runs as a e.V ( society ) in Wuppertal.

devlab t.s.a e.V

thanks for your audience and be kind to EACH other.
added on the 2021-08-17 18:36:45 by AMI_TRS AMI_TRS
BB Image

Just kidding.

Nice to have this stuff organised in one website.
added on the 2021-08-17 18:43:53 by w00t! w00t!
Thanks W00t. Even if it doesn´t looks like. It was put some effort into that beast ;-)
added on the 2021-08-17 19:26:04 by AMI_TRS AMI_TRS


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