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Any demosceners that fancy a beer in NYC?

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I'm in new york for a week starting tomorrow are there any demosceners that would like to go for a beer?
If you're willing to trek down to Baltimore, I could give you a tour of the computer and electronic entertainment museums (both in the same location) I work at.
█▄ █▄█ █ ▄█▀ that's good what's a good time and place for you? I can't do Thursday or Saturday.
Trains over $200 to Baltimore sadly InversePhase and greyhounds a long journey so that's a nope thanks for the offer though.
greyhound and amtrak are bad ways to travel if you do not book in advance. do bolt, megabus, or chinatown bus if you're going to travel close to interstate 95 in the US.

you can travel megabus for $15usd oneway tomorrow or $20 friday, 3h20m travel time, numerous time choices. oh and there's one for tue 3 mar for $10


I agree that 3.5h is not the most fun amount of time to sit on a bus and that you'll have to do the same in reverse but that amount of time is not significantly different than amtrak.
in case your schedule clears:

Thursday Feb 26, 2020
I'll be at the Dubliner on Stone St in Wall Street area from 4-7pm

I'll then be at Banter bar in Brooklyn from 7:30pm until 4am. I host a foosball meetup there every Thursday and Saturday. Thats at 132 Havemeyer, Brooklyn

Saturday Feb 29, 2020
I'll be at Banter on Saturday from 8pm until 2am

Friday / Sunday
I can meet you anywhere

warning: I turn it up Thursdays and Saturdays

I'll bring my laptop to show you some software rendered plasmas, twisters and sh*t.
Friday I can meet you at Fat Cat in the city on Christopher St after 6pm
I'm down for all of those days except Thursday. My vote is for Friday or Saturday.
Friday sounds good.
see you there. I'll be wearing a dark grey / black t-shirt with a red star on on the front. most likely by the two foosball tables
same as everyone: i fancy, you pay! (including trip!)
See you there .
I cant make it tonight. stuck at work until 9. sorry.
If I don't get lost in about 40 minutes away sorry for delay.
Ah well oh well
Necroing this thread to see if there any other NYC demosceners alive and about - we should have a meetup someday!


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