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Revision 2020 bustrip from NL?

category: parties [glöplog]
For the last couple of years Poo-brain has been doing the demoscene a solid by organising a bustrip from the Netherlands to Revision. It's been a thing -a tradition, even.

  • The bad news: The people running that gig could really use a break from organising this.

  • The good news: instead of letting the whole thing fold, a couple of sceners are ready to help out and make the Paardy Bus happen once more.

Question is: are you interested in being driven from the almost-center of the Netherlands to Revision and back, knowing Okkie is in charge of music?

Please let us know using this terrible form at your earliest convenience.
added on the 2020-01-29 23:14:13 by Shifter Shifter
added on the 2020-01-29 23:58:41 by okkie okkie
I might be interested - what the usual rough travel schedule for the bus? Wanna check if flights to/from Schipol could work
added on the 2020-01-30 08:21:48 by Puryx Puryx
Puryx: Seems you can fill in your preferred departure location, the pre-filled location Breukelen is 25min by car or 40min by train from Schiphol
added on the 2020-01-30 10:01:21 by havoc havoc
You'd be looking at a departure on friday in the morning and heading back on monday after the prize ceremonies.

The current two locations are the traditional stops from earlier editions, but as Havoc said, suggestions are welcome. We're looking at every possible way to make things easy.
added on the 2020-01-30 10:51:15 by Shifter Shifter
Thanks guys - I checked the "existing" pickups already, and it seems it's quite reasonable distance from the Airport.
Now to try figure things out with the family...
added on the 2020-01-30 12:17:59 by Puryx Puryx
Ahh feck yeh Puryx! Join us in the uncontrollable fun that is the saufbus, where the firt time the beer ran out at 11:00 and everybody arrived at revision stone sober (except Beftex, who drank all the special booze she found)
added on the 2020-01-30 13:44:44 by okkie okkie
Why does the Eurostar go to Amsterdam now.. Fuck
Didn't think of it at the time of the form but a place like Amsterdam Holendrecht may be more convenient than breukelen, as the pre-party house is no longer there :P And Holendrecht is close to a highway + has both metro and train connections from Amsterdam Central & Amsterdam Bijlmer (where the schiphol train stops)

I'm also hugely in favor of a stop in Tilburg because I'll probably crash at someone's place there the night before :)
Holendrecht is marginally closer to Schiphol and Amsterdam CS compared to Breukelen, but other than that it really doesn't have a shocking advantage. But definitely worth looking at.

If (and this is extremely bloody likely) Tilburg is yet again a stop, it's worth nothing that Eindhoven is literally on our route to Revision, meaning the bus ought to be able to pick people up from two major airports in the Netherlands.

Oh, and don't forget to use that horrible form we put up, trevor. We need to have a pretty clear idea how big a bus to aim for :)
added on the 2020-01-31 10:30:52 by Shifter Shifter
Oh I already filled it out before I found this threat so I should def. be on your list :) I'll poke Sietske to fill it out too.

Maybe shifting the tilburg stop to eindhoven isn't such a crazy idea either btw, small train ride for the people living there.
Please fill out the survey if you might be interested in a trip! We are close to be confident we can pull this off! Join us in the bus!! I promise i won’t play Party x Leben all the time!*

*might not be accurate
added on the 2020-02-01 20:11:14 by okkie okkie
Maybe shifting the tilburg stop to eindhoven isn't such a crazy idea either btw, small train ride for the people living there.

I mean, it'd be great for transportation efficiency, but we'll have to see if that's worth it.

I missed your ping registration, apologies :)
added on the 2020-02-03 02:40:14 by Shifter Shifter
RIP my sanity
Sorry (not sorry)
added on the 2020-02-13 16:37:22 by Shifter Shifter
Reservation confirmed! Please use This slightly less terrible form to sign up for the bussimatka from NL -> Revision 2020!
added on the 2020-02-14 00:02:47 by Shifter Shifter
<3 Thanks for organizing this you guys.

Paid and mentally prepared for the foreshadowed "Okkie's Melodica Madness" act.
Booked the plane last week to Schipol.

If everything folds for some reason i expect Okkie to give piggieback rides to Saarbrucken.
added on the 2020-02-17 10:15:35 by Deus Deus
i expect Okkie to give piggieback rides to Saarbrucken.

The mental image this evokes is glorious, but I really don't want the bustrip to be affected by the wish to see this happen.

Anyway, don't forget the signup so we can beg money off of you and reserve you a seat :)
added on the 2020-02-17 13:50:34 by Shifter Shifter
Allready done, I'll probably pay up next month.
added on the 2020-02-17 14:46:24 by Deus Deus
Please join our bus!
added on the 2020-02-18 21:34:44 by okkie okkie
Revision 2020 paardy bustrip Beer Seminar
Please come on the Bus and if you would like to try some interesting beer sign up for the seminar.


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