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MDT9K s04e08 - 11 December 2019 - 19:00 Lisbon time

category: general [glöplog]
Been away for a couple of months taking care of real life things, Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000 livestream will return this coming Wednesday, the 11th of December 2019 at around 19:00 Lisbon time one last show before the end of the year to go over all those kickass summer and autumn demoparty releases.

Tune in to twitch, youtube, facebook or good old scenesat. We also now have a minisite with info about the show and links to the season archives that you can check out.

This next show will feature as guests our regular Arrogant Bastards: SirGarbageTruck and FRaNKy.
added on the 2019-12-10 11:43:06 by psenough psenough
proper numbering would be s04e09 ofcourse.
added on the 2019-12-10 11:44:20 by psenough psenough
Parental friendly airing time :) I was about to say 'new' but it's the same as before it seems.
added on the 2019-12-11 08:06:31 by El Topo El Topo
bah, annoying timing, will have to do IRL stuff at that moment :/
added on the 2019-12-11 15:10:31 by porocyon porocyon
sucks you can't make it porocyon, live chat is always more fun, but there is always the youtube archive afterwards :)
added on the 2019-12-11 18:02:08 by psenough psenough
"It really makes you think."

Quote of the year.
added on the 2019-12-12 12:18:15 by Gargaj Gargaj


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