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Vip 2019 - world record youngest demo group

category: general [glöplog]
Apologies.. It was nice to read youngsters entering the scene!

Than I read New Order instead of New World Order

to early in the morning
added on the 2019-07-01 19:35:29 by magic magic
added on the 2019-07-02 03:08:03 by wullon wullon
the scene is dad
Quote of the day 😂
added on the 2019-07-02 10:26:30 by cruzer cruzer
That is cool, nice work guys ..
added on the 2019-07-02 14:53:22 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
It was nice to see my son and Nitryck's one getting their prizes ! 1.5 month before they haven't no idea about code.... we are prouds fathers :) next one they will fight us :)
added on the 2019-07-02 18:29:33 by Stv Stv
Wohoo Stv & Nytrik have kids .. (I have 2). Damn, we get older and older.. :)
added on the 2019-07-04 15:02:42 by norecess norecess
I have 3
added on the 2019-07-04 15:03:28 by nytrik nytrik
Congrats Guillaume ! :)
added on the 2019-07-04 15:19:05 by norecess norecess
Stay tuned
added on the 2020-04-08 23:07:03 by nytrik nytrik
Stay tuned

I like this :D
added on the 2020-04-09 00:13:53 by wullon wullon


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