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Demo soundtracks with female vocals?

category: music [glöplog]
Title says it all :)
added on the 2019-05-21 14:46:30 by Jailbird Jailbird
I'm not aware of any such list. But you could just start with Nosfe's list of demos featuring music with vocals and make your own subset.
added on the 2019-05-21 15:00:07 by Kabuto Kabuto
Yume 2 by inf
Yume 2000 (Future World Mix) by inf
400 by Satori
The Butterfly Effect by ASD
Midnight Run by ASD
Chameleon by ASD (the alternate, in my opinion, much better version)
Ocean Machine by The Black Lotus (just "speech samples", kinda, ymmv)
added on the 2019-05-21 16:15:53 by noby noby
Scarecrow by PlayPsyCo
added on the 2019-05-21 16:31:06 by 100bit 100bit
Suicide Barbie by The Black Lotus.
added on the 2019-05-21 17:15:46 by introspec introspec
if wild demos (animations) count, we made this a few years ago
added on the 2019-05-21 19:49:27 by nagz nagz
Nature Still Suxx by Federation Against Nature
still human
IV - Racer by the Lost Souls
Matt Current by Shitfaced Clowns
added on the 2019-05-22 08:38:20 by kusma kusma
Maybe there is a tag on demozoo
added on the 2019-05-22 08:43:31 by v3nom v3nom
added on the 2019-05-22 14:34:41 by maeln maeln
added on the 2019-05-22 17:29:04 by Zavie Zavie
Tint last tune.
added on the 2019-05-22 22:05:57 by Marq Marq
not a really known demo...
MGDesign - I Can Fly
My Love by Japotek.
added on the 2019-05-22 22:53:15 by friol friol
Epilog by Haujobb
added on the 2019-05-23 08:07:10 by Vedem Vedem
Srdce by Satori.
added on the 2019-05-23 11:26:21 by introspec introspec


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