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Modern PC demos with oldschool vibes

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Oldschool-like demos on modern platforms are what we missed. Do you know some?

If possible, please,
1. no modern oldschool-like platforms like PICO-8 or something like that
2. no OSDM (OldSchool DemoMaker) releases like windows cracktros
3. no win32 (or other OS) port of old intros/cracktros

My list is small but here are some examples:
Faux Processing by Bon^2
megademo by hackefuffel
My First 4K Intro by Fulcrum
A Tribute To The Alberts by Projekt Carnival
memory remains by oftenhide
68000 Reasons by The Deadliners
ThankYou! by White Dot (don't sure it's creative code but anyway)
RetroProcessing (no group)
added on the 2019-01-01 19:18:38 by 100bit 100bit
indeed ^_^
and also We Were ! by Razor 1911
Also remembered 1993 by TAONGAD
added on the 2019-01-02 00:27:07 by 100bit 100bit
Maybe not 100% old-school, but it was designed to use old-school style effects and no 3d-accelleration: 3SS - Retro
added on the 2019-01-02 16:56:40 by T$ T$
Also remembered Evenk by MadWizards because software rendering.
added on the 2019-01-19 16:17:07 by 100bit 100bit
I made this and I'm still ashamed of it.
added on the 2019-01-19 17:03:51 by Preacher Preacher
2005 by Peisik
added on the 2019-01-19 17:28:57 by noby noby
One more - Simulacrum by oftenhide because of software rendering.
added on the 2019-09-01 20:03:43 by 100bit 100bit
My personal collection on the subject, minus those already mentioned:

1995, by kewlers & mfx
Basic Oldschool, by Base Demogroup
Oldskool, by Dbug
Introlux, by Genesis Project
KLFtro, by The Planet of Leather Moomins
Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000 Season 1 Episode 9 Invitation, by Ivory Labs
Oldschool ConneXtion Intro, by Scienide
Oldschool screensaver, by Junglah
Oldschool will never die - Cracktro, by ???
OldSkool D3DX Demo, by Oxygene
Oldskool wankers never die, by FylleCell
Oldskoolish #1, by Surprise! Productions (S!P)
Total Kaos Musicdisk - Oldschool never dies, by TOTAL KAOS
Xmas 2005 - OldSkool Feeling, by ???
A L'ancienne, by X-men (.fr)
Diztrt, by Bon^2
Faux Processing, by Bon^2
fr-minus-017: coderpr0n , by Farbrausch
"Kings of the Playground" - Evoke 2004 64k invit, by Equinox
mndrn, by Mandarine
Oldskool Clinique, Throb
Oldskool owns, by Digitalpast
Outlined - Outline 2007 64k invitation, by Orb
Pirates of the 777 seas, by Razor 1911
Sota 2004 64k invitation, by Equinox
The century intro, by Razor 1911
The scene is dead, by Razor 1911
Transform, by Ate bit
We have accidently borrowed your votedisk, by Razor 1911

Some have more in that list modern graphics, but the music is definitively old school.
added on the 2019-09-02 08:28:32 by ramon ramon
Should probably also consider all the Text Demos from 2017, all the way back to 1996:


NOTE: Some older text demo exe work better with FTW7 (Fullscreen textmode demo viewer for Windows ), just drag and drop the demo exe on FTW7. Available here: http://tmdc.scene.org/index.php?nav=links
added on the 2019-09-02 09:12:22 by ramon ramon
one more that was not mentioned: Pimp My Spectrum by ate bit
added on the 2019-12-07 00:47:56 by 100bit 100bit
Feel free to shove them all in a list.
added on the 2019-12-07 01:02:42 by Gargaj Gargaj


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