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Demobit 2018 Resonation - 2-4 February 2018 - Binarium, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Thank you Demobit! See you next year! :)
added on the 2018-02-05 22:25:35 by Vickey Vickey
Home as well.

As first time visitor I was amazed by the awesome venue and available facilities such as bar/restaurant/gaming or chilling corner. Also the canteen set up of tables makes it a very open place to mingle with others or to get drunk. I can also recommend grabbing food at the nearby Cubicon (iirc) building that has an amazing hot dog place and also rather good waffles.

As first time compo organiser, I really enjoyed the party as well. We kept the schedule perfectly, stuff went smooth, good click with all other organisers, cool pro equipment to play with so no technical fuckery needed. wuhu worked nicely. so, yeah. Now I am glad I wont have to see Haohmaru for a while though! :P

but yeah, Demobit 2019: bar should stack up on beer on friday, volume sliders a bit lower, upload results.txt before I travel home. Oh and I should sleep more :P
added on the 2018-02-05 22:32:06 by maali maali
you mean this...

yep, most of the tomcats are Hungarian

was it me who made the picture? ;)))
added on the 2018-02-05 22:46:23 by keen keen
ps. let's not talk about the beer incident, there is absolutely no shame in underestimating how much sceners are able to consume :-) (just kidding, I know it wasn't really orgas' fault)

i am by no means holding the orgas at fault. the venue miscalculated, that is all. plus as i could see, everyone solved the problem somehow ;)
added on the 2018-02-05 22:47:17 by nagz nagz
there was indeed enough gin! :)
added on the 2018-02-05 23:00:30 by maali maali
results.txt at http://www.pouet.net/party_results.php?which=65&when=2018
some compos were pretty close :)
added on the 2018-02-05 23:37:45 by maali maali
wuhu worked nicely.

I'd still be curious to see the error log from the compos.php problem.
added on the 2018-02-05 23:48:41 by Gargaj Gargaj
Navis, there are two Hungarian sceners who use the nickname Tomcat. One of them writes himself as TomCat with a capital C. This was the one who was at the party. The other one, I haven't seen for ages - probably he is too busy with politics.
added on the 2018-02-05 23:59:52 by あどく あどく
Thank you for the awesome video stream. This year I was a mere sofascener but now I'm considering participate next year somehow (going or maybe remotely).
added on the 2018-02-06 00:00:55 by ham ham
... objectively both the photo and the 256 byte intro were quite good..

Well, in my personal view your intro was in top 4, so... probably doesn't mean anything any way... :)
added on the 2018-02-06 00:22:53 by Ped Ped
Ped, thanks! Also Bacter expressed the same opinion when we talked about it in person.
added on the 2018-02-06 00:29:21 by あどく あどく
ranked last two 256b intros were suffering from the too fast dosbox config. We cann't see what they want to really show... but we saw them long enough to get bored :-( i hope you learned the lesson and you will check the dosbox config yourself before the compo...
tomcat: noted, i am also thinking that for next year adding perhaps the rule 'you can supply your own tweaked .conf for dosbox' might be a nice addition to give the creators more control over the cpu/cycles/video emulation to avoid such things in the past. :)
added on the 2018-02-06 13:04:27 by maali maali
uuurmm the future
*needs more coffee*
added on the 2018-02-06 13:05:06 by maali maali
ps. let's not talk about the beer incident, there is absolutely no shame in underestimating how much sceners are able to consume :-) (just kidding, I know it wasn't really orgas' fault)

Riverwash 2014 was in a castle restaurant next to a brewery. The restaurant ran out of beer on Friday night. There were hectolitres of beer right behind the wall but the brewery shop was closed. Luckily, nobody had a drill.
added on the 2018-02-06 13:51:54 by Fei Fei
Fei: We should have installed a pipeline there :)
added on the 2018-02-06 16:49:38 by T$ T$
Just in case, make sure to bring your regular demoscene equipment (drills, pcv pipes, valves etc) to RW2018. I know, it will be held in a different place, but you want to be safe, right?

Actually, bring them to Demobit 2019 too, you never know!
added on the 2018-02-06 18:37:52 by LiSU^TRS LiSU^TRS
Thanks to everyone who came to the party and made a unique atmosphere which only demosceners can make. No matter if you just arrived to enjoy the party, contributed to competitions, performed on stage or gave valuable insights in your lectures or informal talks. Cyberpunk here and now. Without you, all our effort would vanish for no reason. Been our honor to serve you the best we could do. As there is always space for improvement, the recent Demobit 2018 showed us, we can do even better. Hope you had a great time and all of you arrived safely home!

The situation with beer was unfortunate and partly our problem too. We used the measure from last time, and we managed to drink in 2017 only 200L of beer. Therefore White Dragon manager wasn't ready for such load. We didn't expect such a rise in consumption.
I'm sorry we could not keep endless stream as expected. Will not happen again. :)

Many things have been reported as lost. I found electricity extension from v3nom (will deliver to Revision). We have some cap somewhere and USB cable. I double checked the venue for anything left at the end, but nothing more has been found to my knowledge.

While we tried to avoid all fails from the past year, and as long as many of you nicely endorsed us for improvements, we had some problems and we been lucky in many areas and managed to fix them on time. Some of them been unfortunately missed out or could not be ready on time, like:

- compo announcements
- plan how to create more calm atmo during the talks
- run all 256b intros without any concerns
- sound check audio with the best ears we had on party place
- provide non-stop voting (but I was noted voting was fixed and used in the morning; I personally didn't sign in at all and kept myself impartial)
- make a clear warning about reduced sleep hall (even the company from the previous year was ready to offer it, we had to use another floor)
- the screen has been bigger and easy to use as it's venue provided, but we really need to max the size
- be prepared to make the last gig way more smoother to start
- video signal been a bit brighter from the compo PC and we found it after the party :( most probably due to slight alternation from the video processor
- morning special cookies "Bratislava's Rolls" been not totally fresh and not from poppy seeds as I really wanted :) - I promise you will enjoy them way more next time
- teleport would be handy to bring Goto80 when he missed the plain :( but streaming saved us
- have a proper strobo/lights for acts!

I'm personally happy as we did, but surely there been moments which could be avoided with a little of more time and preps. Our team is small and we surely need to find more people to help us on many areas so some of us don't end up in total nonstop stress for weeks before and during the party.

First I want to thanks my beloved Magdalena. I could hardly survive these days without her. She was caring eye to keep everything in order with a budget, printing, accounting, and law in general. Still some work waiting for us, it was a wild ride again. :)

Many people helped. And only a few of them are active sceners here.
So it feels inappropriate to pick only some of them.
Nevertheless, thanks to Maali, Haohmaru, and Argasek for running smooth compos.
Natalia for her all year effort to promote the party and bring all the guests I wished to participate.
Laila helped a lot in many areas from promotion to on-sight organization and kitchen. It was a hard situation this year due to missing in-house cooks, so she deserves a special thanks for being around this.
Glad to see Daniela in our info desk!
Citrus tried his best to run broken VR headset and Musk been ready too with demo jukebox and Michal with Dos games. Thanks for build up help too!

Pytkin at sound / streaming / video was very important help - launched all pre-recorded demoshows what was way less stressy than realtime. Marianna for helping with PR, media, organization and merch. Ivo for making amazing visual identity, Norton to keep the transport enjoyable and almost 242 km/h speed, Inso on stage, Snezienka in kitchen preparing unordinary food and many more including helping hands Peter and Roman as security, Danka, Palo at infodesk and last but not least, the most calm beast from us all - Wilder!

While in January madness I was pretty sure this can't be replicated with such small team, you all who visited gave us hope we can finetune and make it easier for everyone including staff and all organization to make it happen again. I had to chill a bit and realize the vision of party we imagined is getting closer to reality and if go for it again, we can do it almost "perfect". Challenge accepted. :)

Thank you all who visited us!
I hope we can count on you to see you the next year. Without the scene there, it would be pointless.
added on the 2018-02-06 22:18:07 by zden zden
I'm sorry we could not keep endless stream as expected. Will not happen again. :)

- the screen has been bigger and easy to use as it's venue provided, but we really need to max the size

- I promise you will enjoy them way more next time

you all who visited gave us hope we can finetune and make it easier for everyone including staff and all organization to make it happen again.

and if go for it again, we can do it almost "perfect". Challenge accepted. :)

I hope we can count on you to see you the next year.

Demobit 2019 confirmed YAAAY \o/

And if you need more help next year just let people know and I'm sure you'll get a plenty helpful hands. Whether it's an info desk, compo team, buildup, teardown.

Again, thanks for a very nice party, call it a success of the whole team!
added on the 2018-02-06 23:33:12 by LiSU^TRS LiSU^TRS
thanks for the nice words zden :) next year is gonna be even better!
(count on me when you make an invit,)
added on the 2018-02-07 09:44:25 by nagz nagz
I'm sorry for tiredness to forgot mentioning Infi, who helped infinitely in many areas. From the main sponsor and arranging in stressy moments stream with Goto80. Infi and Skyw started with me Demobit in 1993 at high-school as competition in realtime demos about schools. Meanwhile, Skyw is really busy in Eset, so it's hard to have him there. But I hope once we can celeb DB resurrection together.
Loho (together with Infi) also shoot a lot of photos, and you can browse them here: flickr.com/demobit

I'm also happy we had moderator Niko, local stand-up star, who started his career on moderating Demobit 2000 in Nitra. Niko was super busy, so we didn't know what to expect until the last minute. :) Thanks also to Gargaj for having a nice introduction for Ronny & Pandur on stage.

I still have to meet up the owner of Binarium to confirm it openly :). Without this venue, such comfort and atmosphere provided would be a bit out of our reach at this stage. Mr. Trnka is also a fan of the scene, and he understands the movement and follows the party since 1994.

The team and number of people who helped are broader than it's possible to cover in reasonably sized post.

One thing is sure by now:
Demobit 2019 will replace >Old skool demo compo< by one and only >Amiga compo<.
Honestly, I'm not sure how we could miss it this year. Thanks to ArtWay guys to kindly note me about this before the departure. We will push this compo hard. ;)

Fingers crossed. Thanks, all.
added on the 2018-02-07 10:52:53 by zden zden
Thank you Zden for the opportunity to be a part of the organizing team and for getting to know so many amazing and smart people with wonderful abilities :)
I will try to keep doing my best!

Thank you guys for all of your feedback. Unfortunately, some of the mistakes or discomforts are hard to predict in advance and you can learn about them only from the experience. And I am sorry if I missed some details which might have been in my competence to improve. But those who visited Demobit for the second times knows how we take them in mind and how we have progressed!
added on the 2018-02-07 12:34:56 by natalia natalia
That was a wonderful party. I'm so glad I went. Nice people, and an outstanding location with good local food. I liked the two rooms (Show vs. Talking). And insanely good releases.

My only two complaints:

1. sometimes there was a very long delay between audio and visual (>100ms), which was especially irritating at Pandur's & Ronny's gig.
The long pause between the Compo program and the following live acts.

But above all: Absolutely mega super cool.
A must if you repeat this next year.

ps: Is there a recording of Ronny's second gig? That was KILLA.

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added on the 2018-02-07 22:08:36 by pixtur pixtur
@pixtur: ronny pandur gig

@orgas: thanks for the awesome party. loved the atmosphere, people, nice demo compo, everything on time. rocked hard.

anyone who is waiting for their cables invite: look into your spam folder or your handwriting sucks, contact me at tom [at] . drastic [dot] net

added on the 2018-02-07 22:33:52 by pandur pandur
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pixtur, LOL, since there is deepl.com, I nowadays also write most of my blog postings in German first and have them translated using deepl.com. It requires a little post-processing, but not much. Highly recommended!
added on the 2018-02-08 06:31:16 by あどく あどく


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