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Jeskola Buzz 20th anniversary compilation

category: music [glöplog]
A friend of mine is putting together a compilation to celebrate buzz tracker being twenty years old this year, and we're looking for submissions. The full rules are below, but basically we want old tracks that capture the fun of messing around making a loop. If you have any old buzz files you want to include, but haven't got a render and can't open them anymore, post them here and I'll have a go at resurrecting them. You can also find the full discussion here.


Jeskola Buzz just turned 20 years old, sometime in September. To mark the occasion, I thought we'd put together a compilation. The requirements are a little unusual, as it's not a competition, it won't be curated, and finished songs are not necessary. I'll explain that as I explain the guidelines.

1. Since this is for buzz's twentieth birthday, it'd be cool to dig back a little bit into our old files:

Music should be older than 10 years. The oldest you can find, and love.

2. Often, bringing a song to completion doesn't keep the seed of excitement or inspiration you started with. Packaging your experience of getting completely sucked inside a few looping bars of sound is tricky and not always the point of firing Buzz up. So, whether in addition to songs or instead of, it'd be cool to hear the things you haven't finished, but that you still like. The second rule is:

Snippets or songs, snippets and songs, your choice.

3. We have to set some time limits:

At least 10 seconds of sound, but maybe don't go over 30 minutes. Multiple files OK and encouraged.

That's it. Think of it as an archaeological dig somewhere between you and Jeskola Buzz, for artifacts that capture the moments of inspiration and obsession you've had together.

A few logistical things:

Upload your music and info wherever you prefer, just make it available for download so I/we can get it and host it. Everything will go one page (with a simple player). If you need space, PM me, or you can email files to buzztwenty _at_ gmail.

Should be mp3.

If you know old buzzers that have moved on, reach out to them, maybe they'd like to join in. We'll keep this open for the next month.
Every Conspiracy 64k starting with Beyond used Buzz for the audio.
added on the 2017-11-06 21:44:20 by Gargaj Gargaj
BUZZ \o/
added on the 2017-11-06 21:48:33 by nagz nagz
gargaj; then the chaos theory soundtrack counts and you should submit it :)
oh crap, dont know where my old tracks are at anymore :) will try to find something though
added on the 2017-11-06 22:43:22 by psenough psenough
About 10 days left if you want to submit something, you can see the current tracks here.


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