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The official TMDC20 thread

category: general [glöplog]
Hey everyone!

I'm glad to announce the 20th edition of the pseudoannual Text Mode Demo Compo!

Recent years haven't been as successful, so this might well be the last one. 20 is a good number.

An invite will be released at some point, but don't wait for it to start on your prod!

Go ahead! Make something cool!

The stie is still there if you need a reminder on the rules, dates, or want links to tools & libs & other useful stuff!
added on the 2017-10-21 20:30:03 by BarZoule BarZoule
added on the 2017-10-21 21:45:51 by cxw cxw
added on the 2017-10-21 22:10:41 by xeron xeron
added on the 2017-10-22 16:42:38 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
added on the 2017-10-22 16:55:19 by fragment fragment
added on the 2017-10-23 13:04:48 by xTr1m xTr1m
added on the 2017-10-23 13:14:41 by britelite britelite
Maybe I should actually try to code something. Haven't done any hobby projects for almost a year now..
added on the 2017-10-23 14:51:12 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
Yes. Yes, you should.
\o/ (JSYK)
added on the 2017-10-23 15:25:23 by cxw cxw
You should indeed! Everyone should!
added on the 2017-10-25 19:32:45 by BarZoule BarZoule
added on the 2017-10-25 19:43:07 by wullon wullon
added on the 2017-10-25 23:41:31 by psenough psenough
added on the 2017-10-26 04:17:07 by sim sim
JSYK, I was updating my converter yet again... here's the difference based on last year's version.
BB Image
After tweaking numbers:
BB Image

In other news, if your converter is looking meh, with some sorts of weird banding in places, just make sure you're doing your color maths in linear color space, not monitor space. It's gonna look better.
added on the 2017-10-27 05:24:13 by BarZoule BarZoule
imgur fail. Here, again:
BB Image
and after:
BB Image
added on the 2017-10-27 05:28:26 by BarZoule BarZoule

@BarZoule: looks great!
added on the 2017-10-27 23:20:20 by trc_wm trc_wm
\o/ and make sure your linear space is float or >=10 bit. Don't clip before the video ram forces you to! :)
added on the 2017-10-29 02:04:16 by cxw cxw
BarZoule, could you point me at the source image that you used for the above conversion? I'm interested to try it with my converter and see my results compare with yours.
added on the 2017-10-29 08:54:59 by reenigne reenigne
The invite-tro should be up first , to make people interested and motivated .. :)
added on the 2017-10-29 16:42:01 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
@kriz: go make a demo about it! :)
added on the 2017-10-30 23:45:13 by trc_wm trc_wm
Has there been any new open sourced rgb->text converters, or are libcaca and textfx still the "state of the art" ?
added on the 2017-11-02 09:16:37 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
My converter is open source. It's designed for CGA but can be coaxed into doing 80x50 images like the above (and other sizes) with some prodding. Fonts other than the CGA 8x8 font may be added in the future. It has lots of options for both matching and rendering (some of which don't do anything yet). Binary (Windows only, sorry) at http://www.reenigne.org/misc/cgaart.zip and source at https://github.com/reenigne/reenigne/tree/master/8088/cga/cgaart. Feed it a 24-bit .png file (e.g. 640x400) on the command line. On the first startup it takes a minute or two before the UI shows up, but after that it's faster. For text mode, select "high-resolution text" in Video Card->Registers->Mode, set Scanlines per row to 8 and set Monitor->Connector to RGBI. For 80x50, edit default.config in a text editor and remove the "/2" on the activeSize.y line, then restart and change Aspect Ratio to 1.666.

If you make something nice with this, I'd be very interested to see it!
added on the 2017-11-02 20:56:46 by reenigne reenigne
@reengine - the binary just crashes for me (both rose.png and default.config). Have any screenshots? I also peeked at the sources and I'm not quite sure we're talking about standard text modes anymore =)
added on the 2017-11-03 08:55:27 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
@sol_hsa, did it give an error message when it crashed or did it just sit there pegging a CPU? If the former, what was the message? If the latter, how long did you leave it running?

The program is designed for all standard (and many non-standard) CGA modes, but it does work for standard text modes as well.

Here's a screenshot: http://www.reenigne.org/misc/cgaart_screenshot.png Also see my winning entry in the ASCII/ANSI compo at Nova earlier this year which was made with this program: https://demozoo.org/graphics/173389/ .
added on the 2017-11-03 10:29:17 by reenigne reenigne


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