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qbparty 2017 unofficial

category: parties [glöplog]
Stream: https://youtu.be/l1SlZ2z7kGM
added on the 2017-05-12 20:39:12 by pohar pohar
added on the 2017-05-12 20:40:13 by pohar pohar
Dear qbparty organizers: At least 90% of the productions shown in your "worst demos" demoshow are high quality productions!
added on the 2017-05-12 20:44:20 by moqui moqui
maybe "worst" was irony?
added on the 2017-05-12 23:30:02 by pohar pohar
it´s "wurst", not "worst"!
added on the 2017-05-12 23:57:38 by T$ T$
Adok makes kool demoshock
added on the 2017-05-13 08:51:58 by Adok Adok
yeah. but this is not japan.
BB Image
added on the 2017-05-13 10:06:26 by pohar pohar
Breaking news: there is tea is the buffet!
added on the 2017-05-13 11:12:52 by pohar pohar
BB Image
added on the 2017-05-13 12:56:51 by Gargaj Gargaj
Free lunch is over :(
added on the 2017-05-13 16:55:37 by pohar pohar
added on the 2017-05-14 13:53:12 by Gargaj Gargaj
i was drunk
Downloading the stuff now :)


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