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Deadline 2016 - 30th Sept to 2nd Oct - Berlin, Germany

category: parties [glöplog]
Prizegiving will start around 13:00 <3
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added on the 2016-10-02 10:56:46 by mog mog
Awesome party. Thanks to the orgas to make Deadline 2016 happen. It was a real pleasure once again.
added on the 2016-10-02 14:18:41 by gaspode gaspode
Thx everyone, great party and great location!
added on the 2016-10-02 16:04:38 by louigi louigi
Lovely party indeed, greetings to all the old & new friends I met. Cool compos too. I actually liked this new location within the building more than the old one, the bar & terrace worked well.
added on the 2016-10-02 16:27:21 by break break
great party, thanks. upstairs > downstairs
added on the 2016-10-02 18:48:07 by steam steam
Some photos by ted and me are available.
Also, if someone is interested in the track list of the inofficial set I played in the middle hall after the compos, look here.
added on the 2016-10-02 19:38:00 by KeyJ KeyJ
Any sceners who happen to live (roughly) along this path?

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I'm going to try to get to Berlin in 7 days, (leaving on either the 21st or 22nd). Would be nice to crash at sceners where possible!

Yeah, I live in The Hague!
added on the 2016-10-02 19:52:56 by numtek numtek
I missed prizegiving... :-/ Does anyone have the results?
added on the 2016-10-02 21:30:55 by marcus256 marcus256
Thanks for the party, I had a great time. Also, the organizing seems to have improved a bit. Still not free from its glitches, but nevertheless, somehow this time the flow of the entire thing was great (for me, but others seemed to catch it too), and everything worked out just fine in the end. Keep it up.
added on the 2016-10-03 00:14:44 by Charlie Charlie
Soo... teardown complete. Orgas -> dead but happy.

You can download all releases at scene.org, see link above.

We'll upload the results tomorrow, as well as the lost and found list.
If you're missing something please drop us a line here or at contact@demoparty.berlin
added on the 2016-10-03 00:50:20 by v3nom v3nom
What a great party. Being part of the organizing team was a lot of fun once again, as was organizing the music compos. Lots of great people to meet and talk to, and I have to agree that the new location in the building is much nicer than the one downstairs. It may feel segregated at first, but it really helped to have a quieter second main hall and a more party-oriented main hall (with the usual visitor PA) and then event area. The bar and terrace were a great addition to that as well. The huge amount of sofas seemed to be appreciated at all times as well, be it for having a nice chat or for having a rest. All in all, I hope we can keep the party like this and make it even more awesome next time!
Thank you for making such a great event again this year! The new space worked out well. It was really nice to have chill out space and more sleeping space and separated room for compos and stuff. Only thing that I would give a minus was people smoking inside the bar as the smoke came inside the party area as well. I smoke sometimes so it's not any kind of moral statement it's just that being and sleeping in smokey place is really bad especially if you happen to have asthma, allergies etc.

All in all, I had great time and it was really nice again see the old friends and meet some new people as well! An I definitely will come again next year if I just can. <3
added on the 2016-10-03 01:11:24 by rimina rimina
By the way, we returned to pick up some final equipment late in the evening, and by that time the bar was already filled by people again... and quite a lot more smoke than you'd ever seen during the weekend. You could see it in the air. ;)
So, in a way, demoscene helps reduce the amount of smoke!!! :D
added on the 2016-10-03 11:56:23 by louigi louigi
how about results???
added on the 2016-10-03 16:07:53 by dman_pcb dman_pcb
Results are uploaded tommorow I think.
added on the 2016-10-03 16:28:13 by gaspode gaspode
Uploading textfiles can be really complicated.
added on the 2016-10-03 17:11:40 by Gargaj Gargaj
what will hit pouet first... the Still demo or the results.txt?!?!? place your bets!
Uploading isn't the problem here... Nobody exported the results from Partymeister (I had to catch my train and somehow forgot about it). It's that simple. We'll be doing so tomorrow, after some things have been sorted and we found some energy to move our rotten bodies. But, hey, at least I managed to upload all entries to scene.org right after the last compo. Isn't that something?
added on the 2016-10-03 18:20:27 by moqui moqui
Uploading is also part of the problem because some of the access points at the party were from v3nom's home setup and are not set up yet => only mobile internet available. ;)
moqui: we made the same mistake! so it's waiting till reza boots up the mac mini at home again? ;)
No, I have the Partymeister here. It's just about finding the PC and accessories (esp. access points) and then setting up a functional LAN again, so that we can access it again.
(And most probably re-configuring the PM LAN etc).
But first I have to drive equipment back today and tomorrow, so ETA tomorrow evening.
Please bare with us until then for the export of the results file out of partymeister.

Until then you can of cause watch all releases already (and add them to pouet of course!):
added on the 2016-10-03 19:38:11 by v3nom v3nom
I keep telling scene world I got 1st in Combined Tracked since 2 days.

In case this is wrong (and I basically have to shoot myself as I would end us as joke of the month) just take your time with the results. ;)
added on the 2016-10-03 21:00:51 by Dascon Dascon
You've had some really hot demo / intro releases at your party. Great! ^^ I haven't listened through the music stuff yet, will do that shortly!
added on the 2016-10-03 21:20:40 by SunSpire SunSpire


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