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category: general [glöplog]
I will be there! Be there or die ;)
added on the 2004-04-27 08:06:36 by Qdor Qdor
This sounds like a really stupid idea.
added on the 2004-04-27 08:15:35 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Probably too far away for me :(
added on the 2004-04-27 09:09:20 by bruce bruce
let's hope that party will get enough contributions =)
but i think that would be interesting for freeze ..
added on the 2004-04-27 13:17:20 by dalezr dalezr
dalezy, heheh ... to be honest I've noticed that party a few weeks ago and I am REALLY interested in it... unfortunately I have ABSOLUTLY no money for a flight right now. :(
added on the 2004-04-27 14:19:24 by freeze freeze
Hmm... just checked Ryanair and I would have a flight for 90 Euros (all-inclusive). Maybe I will go anyway. :) Someone wants to join me?

*looks over to dalezy and co*
added on the 2004-04-27 14:32:07 by freeze freeze
i'm not that focused to consoles =)
added on the 2004-04-27 15:46:31 by dalezr dalezr
Why is the website color so gay?
added on the 2004-04-27 15:47:30 by Optimus Optimus
but dlz! you made great music on the n64!? (or was that c64.. mja.. all the same.. all the same..)
added on the 2004-04-27 15:50:03 by okkie okkie
okkie haha
added on the 2004-04-27 15:52:53 by dalezr dalezr
the c64 is a console in a way. I mean it hooks up to a tv, there are joysticks and you can use cartridges :)
added on the 2004-04-27 16:02:19 by okkie okkie
i prefer satelite tv.
added on the 2004-04-27 16:40:23 by havoc havoc
Almost same dates as Krangparty 10. (deadline console starts one day later)
added on the 2004-04-27 17:54:11 by triple triple
yeah, more GBA prods! :)
i will be there! just bought plane tickets from new york last week. i will be contributing my ass off in the music compos (will try to do 3 different platforms) ;D

hope to see some of you guys there! 8bit & booze 4ever!
added on the 2004-04-27 21:02:22 by Nullsleep Nullsleep
ATARI 2600 anyone?
added on the 2004-04-27 21:14:40 by raer raer
go nullsleep go
ps: dmg prods, anyone? ;)

added on the 2004-04-27 21:45:11 by ph0x ph0x
Release tons of new Dreamcast and GP32 shit, else I will burn all PS2s and GBAs on the party. :)
added on the 2004-04-27 23:32:51 by freeze freeze
hey freeze, so have you decided to come? would be freaking great to see some dreamcast prods at the party!

<3 dreamcast <3
added on the 2004-04-28 03:38:50 by Nullsleep Nullsleep

I'll try to come, but not alone. Means I hope I can convice some of my pals to join me, then I will go there... but unfortunately I'm not a coder, heh. :) But as far as I know there are a few DC prods at the party.
added on the 2004-04-28 11:42:46 by freeze freeze
Come on freeze. It will rock! If u really want to join, do that! Dont care about your pals :P
added on the 2004-04-28 11:46:16 by Qdor Qdor
Yeah you're maybe right. Fark my wrong friends. -_-;;;

Heh but serious, I wanna have some friends arround. I feel more secure and I love my friends... *speaks like a wimp*
added on the 2004-04-28 13:04:38 by freeze freeze
You just need friends for the flight.. At the party u will find a lot of friendly ppl! You will love them ;)
added on the 2004-04-28 13:58:40 by Qdor Qdor


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