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Any Hercules Demos available?

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I know the "cgademo", but I do not know ANY demo, that works with a hercules gfx card.
Is it true that there is no Demo for Hercules ?

I've done some effects in Hercules in text mode when I was using a secondary HGC card for debugging our games, but I never actually released anything.
added on the 2015-11-18 19:44:02 by Dbug Dbug
Today I put my Schneider EuroPC on my Desk. It needs a new battery and has CGA/HGC Onboard. I put a VGA card in it and tested some demos "antibar" and "yo", but for such a low end XT a real GHC or CGA Demo would be nice. CGA-Demos are rare, but I have not ssen any HGC stuff. It would be nice if someone releases HGC-Demos :)

(btw. are you Dbug=Atari?) Some people convert old 16Bit homecomputerdemos (which is VERY cool) to windows. I have an old retro-pc (celeron400/win98se/dx61/v3-dx61drv) but these old Demos that were produced for a 68k below 10mhz machine) do not run on my 400 Mhz machine :(. They need faster Processor and higher DX-Versions >8)

But perhaps there were some old ports converted to run on my machine :)

Currently one of my favorites THAT WORK on my Retro PC
is this one:

For those how have fast PC's and want to see the remaked "Atari-Demos"

Is HGC a real gfx-card, can there be Demos, or is it only textmode or cga-emulation of a cga-demo? This cga-demo did not work with a cga_emu on HGC-Card.

8088 Corruption can actually work with MDA, and thus Hercules cards.

BB Demo is also tagetting MDA and anything with textmode (but will probably not run with a 8088 CPU).
Hercules has its own graphics mode, which is not compatible with CGA.
There's simcga and similar CGA-emulators, but they just do a very basic framebuffer-copy, so raster-effects like in CGADEMO will not work. Polling CRTC status registers will also not work.

My oldskool routines have a Hercules mode as well, I did some crappy dither cube with it:
At the time my vertical blank polling code was not compatible with the Hercules registers yet, so you see flicker. This has since been fixed.
added on the 2015-11-18 20:42:40 by Scali Scali
Thx, I should have posted, that I talk about Hercules with an XT-Class Computer with about 9,54 Mhz :)
THX anyway :)
anyone an advice for the best cga-emulator for a hercules card?
fast and compatible :)
There's no such thing :) SIMCGA was better than the other one back in the day... HGCsomething.
added on the 2015-12-14 22:06:27 by Marq Marq
- EMU0

The best one is "emu" but it does not work with my hercules monitor. it only works in hercules mode connected to a multiscan.

If "emu" had worked on my Hercules Monitor it was my first choice. So i have to look further :(

First XT-Hercules-Demo afaik.
works ok on my hercules xt :) https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=4111
a big demoparty should make a "xt-hercules-compo" targeting a turbo XT (10mhz) with hercules and PC-Speaker, optional LPT-Dac. Demomachine could be the one and only real homecomputer XT (Schneider EuroPC) :)


BB Image
a big demoparty should make a "xt-hercules-compo" targeting a turbo XT (10mhz) with hercules and PC-Speaker, optional LPT-Dac. Demomachine could be the one and only real homecomputer XT (Schneider EuroPC) :)

Yes, because it would be great to organize a compo that would with any luck get one entry at best.
added on the 2017-09-07 13:43:05 by britelite britelite
Hi Doc,

I guess you own some of this vintage stuff .. I'd like to try something for the EuroPC .. even PCem is quite accurate emulation, it's better to test it on real hardware .. could I contact you to try my experiments on your machines? (are you the webmaster of classiccomputer.de?)


added on the 2019-04-14 18:16:10 by Asato Asato
No, I am not the webmaster @classiccomputing.de sorry.
For the entry class testing I own: (native hardware)
- Schneider EuroPC HERC/CGA
- Schneider TowerAT 286/10 EGA Hires up tp 800x600 16Colors
- Schneider TowerAT 286/12.5 VGA (ATI Wonder)
- Schneider Tower386sx 16 VGA ET4000
- Amiga2000 BB 286/8Mhz VGA ET 4000 (Diamond SpeedstarVGA)
- Atari MegaSTE with atonce 386sx/16 MDA/CGA/Olivetti
- PowerMac 6100/66 with HoudiniCard 486/66
- Unisys CWD 486/66 with S3 SVGA 1MB Onboard
... and many many more
that's a nice collection .. how could I contact you if there's anything to test?
added on the 2019-04-25 00:16:15 by Asato Asato
schreib mir 'ne email an dr.zeissler bei gmx.de


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