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Bünzli reboot party - December 12 - Bern, Switzerland

category: parties [glöplog]
Rumours of Cowee's demise have been greatly exaggerated. While spending the summer doing what cowees must do on their ~24th birthday, some random sceners have cooked up* an evening of demowatching and demoscene activities at a filmhouse just downhill from the Swiss Parliament:


^ So check out the website, grab a ticket and come on down. Tell us what demos to put on the big screen and why. Inspire creative newcomers to take to the stage at Demodays 2016 and beyond. Continue to challenge and astound.

This event is supported by Echtzeit and Scene Quality Assured[TM] by unlock & friends.

* No, no, no. Absolutely no BBQs involved!
added on the 2015-11-03 00:17:56 by seism seism
damn, exactly on the same day when i'll be going to germany to scan some rare stuff for "gotpapers"... next year then!
added on the 2015-11-03 02:08:28 by dipswitch dipswitch
Added some suggestions for the big screen (didnt know how to add a bullet, so I added them all to the first one):

Ziphead by Fairlight & Carillon & Cyberiad
Offscreen Colonies by Conspiracy
Rgba & TBC - Elevated
United Force & Digital Dynamite - The Golden Path
Farbrausch - "fr-043: rove"
quite & orange - cdak (final version)
CNCD & Fairlight - Numb Res
Still-01: "Square"
RAZOR 1911 - The Scene Is Dead
the timeless by mercury
Farbrausch - "fr-041: debris" (live @ Breakpoint 2007)
Lifeforce by ASD
Kewlers - A Significant Deformation Near The Cranium
added on the 2015-11-03 02:51:06 by Salinga Salinga
It's awesome to have this in my city - thanks Seism & friends for your great enthusiasm and finally making this event happen. I'll be happy to meet as many people as possible there. It's been a dry scene year for me :-D
added on the 2015-11-03 14:04:03 by unlock unlock
I´m in!
added on the 2015-11-03 15:09:03 by Soundy Soundy
BB Image
Thanks for the feedback every1, keep those tasty morsels coming. We will start featuring demos selected for the List here: http://buerp.tumblr.com - follow heart n' share!
added on the 2015-11-04 09:47:17 by seism seism
no demo compo with remote entry possibility!?
added on the 2015-11-04 21:53:40 by yzi yzi
@yzi since #buenzlireboot is a demoshow, there will be no Demodays awards this year. Still, a party is a party, and if you send us your entry we will definitely put it up on the big screen!
added on the 2015-11-05 10:41:25 by seism seism
Again, we will appreciate your entries - several people have already said they will contribute - and I would be happy to get advice for running a mini-compo. All prods released at BürP will appear here: http://www.pouet.net/party.php?which=1746
added on the 2015-11-10 10:37:43 by seism seism
it is now possible to buy membership in Echtzeit for next year and get a free ticket to #buenzlireboot - thanks to everyone who already picked up a ticket: tell your friends, only 1 month to go!
added on the 2015-11-12 13:28:15 by seism seism
Maybe we will go.. :)
added on the 2015-11-14 17:12:06 by Vickey Vickey
@Vickey let me know what we can do that swings you towards a go..! :)

A couple of people have said they would run coding & graphics workshops. Assuming we will have room / projector / seating - would anyone like to do a ~1 hour hands-on music tracking or pixel art session?
added on the 2015-11-15 22:14:03 by seism seism
The Swiss scene event is in two weeks! We have a great line up ready for your entertainment, an assortment of refreshing beverages and foodstuffs, a retro play area and more! Come to Bern on the 12th and let's rekindle the scene spirit in time for the holidays *<{:-)
added on the 2015-11-29 12:13:38 by seism seism
Seism: We go.
added on the 2015-11-29 13:29:19 by Vickey Vickey
/me sends cheers to Vickey
added on the 2015-11-29 17:27:37 by seism seism
What do we have to know about the meeting? Do we have to bring some food or beer, or is there any dinner? What do we do after the meeting?
added on the 2015-11-30 21:08:22 by Vickey Vickey
@Vickey all you need to know will be sent tomorrow morning in a mailout to participants. In short: there will be snacks and dinner and food-like things. There will be beer. The meeting is the demoshow, the demoshow is the meeting. What we do after is probably go off and make more shiny demos!
added on the 2015-12-01 17:18:20 by seism seism
Ok, thank you!
added on the 2015-12-01 21:21:03 by Vickey Vickey
BB Image
added on the 2015-12-04 11:08:14 by seism seism
Too bad I cannot make it =(
But feel free to ask if you need some more demoshow ideas, and maybe I can at least prepare some kind of greeting =)
added on the 2015-12-07 00:50:42 by T$ T$
hey T$ that's a real shame. hope it's nothing we can't do something about (transport, lodging, food). but if you have time to do a Demodays 2016 teaser of some sort or want to interact with us virtually (IRC? twitch.tv livestream?) during the show, that would be pretty cool ;)
added on the 2015-12-07 11:25:41 by seism seism
well, unless you manage to fit another weekend into December it is doomed to remain an unfixable date collision issue ;o
added on the 2015-12-07 22:01:20 by T$ T$
(at least I have some Swiss chocolate here... ;o)
added on the 2015-12-07 22:02:54 by T$ T$

BB Image
we're in the radio today talking (in Swiss German) about the demoscene and our upcoming show https://soundcloud.com/uwids/subkutan-demoszene-und-bunzli-reboot-party
added on the 2015-12-09 13:27:15 by seism seism


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