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Probably there is no such thing as "legal" workbench since afaik it is still copyrighted. So just use torrents to download images of wb disks and kickstart roms :)
added on the 2015-10-25 11:31:29 by lvd lvd

Yep "legal and free" is really requiring too much, sorry :)
I have a legal copy of Amiga Forever 2013 emulation package, so for the ROMs is no problem, I must check if it contains HDFs too.
added on the 2015-10-25 12:54:17 by AlienTech AlienTech
aside the legal issues, I wasn't that keen to use other people's images, as you never know what can be in them.
so maybe someone else can jump in and help you with a suggestion here?
added on the 2015-10-25 13:24:19 by bonefish bonefish
http://classicwb.abime.net/ -- here are HDFs with any wb at your choice. the only thing it need is original WB disks, which are required during first run.
added on the 2015-10-25 22:09:25 by lvd lvd
upd: probably only 3.1+
added on the 2015-10-25 22:09:42 by lvd lvd


My copy of Cloanto Amiga Forever 2013 did contain the following HDF files, which I didn' t test yet:

This link here could also be of interest Downloadable Workbench Disk Image Pack
added on the 2015-10-28 11:45:17 by AlienTech AlienTech


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