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demosceners currently based in Frankfurt and nearby outside of Viprinet

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Would be nice to meet. Know folks at Viprinet, but would like to meet more people. Also, have good space with projector and pinball, would like to start inviting people over. Thanks!
added on the 2015-09-03 11:22:10 by metoikos metoikos
Think this applies to me: I do oldschool demos, am living close to frankfurt and i'm not working at viprinet (even though i do a lot of stuff in object pascal)
added on the 2015-09-04 10:27:58 by degauss degauss
Expecting a Frankfurt All Stars demo soon :)
added on the 2015-09-04 15:09:11 by Scali Scali
I'm a newschool intro coder also living near Frankfurt, outside of viprinet.
added on the 2015-09-04 15:24:36 by xTr1m xTr1m
In US terms, I probably live 'close to' Frankfurt as well :)
added on the 2015-09-04 15:45:50 by Scali Scali
@metoikos: did you move to Frankfurt? :)
added on the 2015-09-04 18:46:45 by visy visy
by Scali:
In US terms, I probably live 'close to' Frankfurt as well :)
I think she's over there for some kind of work, the "outside of Viprinet" is seems related. So I don't think this is "close to Frankfurt" as in "anyone between Massachusetts and Frankfurt". :)
I am about 30 minutes from Frankfurt, so would be pretty easy for me to get there. =)
added on the 2015-09-04 21:50:48 by fizzer fizzer
Hi everyone! I live an hour outside Frankfurt by train now.

Degauss, xTr1m, and Scali - yaaay!
Do any of you want to do a meet? Either a beer, or . . .
I have a nice setup for watching demos (and I want to keep making them somehow) and a pinball machine.
added on the 2015-09-04 23:55:49 by metoikos metoikos
Well i also live about an hour outside of Frankfurt.
So maybe we're living in the same place or even 2 hours away ;-)
To make it short: it would really help if you would tell us where you and your pinball machine reside... i'm in Mannheim BTW.
added on the 2015-09-05 11:19:16 by RufUsul RufUsul
Frankfurt ain't that far by train from Stuttgart... just sayin' ;)
Also depending on 1hr in which direction, I might just be able to drive over some time.
added on the 2015-09-05 11:37:10 by dojoe dojoe
I'm in Bonn, which depending on the train taken is only an hour from Frankfurt as well. :-P
added on the 2015-09-05 12:04:26 by Kylearan Kylearan
I'm in Ingelheim :) Sure, if someone organizes any scene related event nearby I'll definitely try to go.
added on the 2015-09-05 18:12:27 by xTr1m xTr1m
Ok, can folks email me at metoikos dot scul at gmail dot com?

And yes, I will organize an event. Just email me and I'll set up a Doodle. I live in Bingen, rather predictably. :D

Will also check IRC.
added on the 2015-09-05 21:44:35 by metoikos metoikos
If there's one thing I love it's new demoscene events, even if I can't come.
added on the 2015-09-06 03:44:06 by visy visy
Have sent FB mssages to Xtr1m, Kylearan, and fizzer.

Thanks for the nice words, visy. Hope to see you at a party again soon, although I probably can't get to another until Revision because money.
added on the 2015-09-06 08:24:03 by metoikos metoikos
so yes, just need to get ahold of RufUsul, dojoe, Scali, and degauss.
added on the 2015-09-06 08:32:23 by metoikos metoikos
Have sent FB mssages to Xtr1m

No, you didn't? And I've send you an email, did you get that one?
added on the 2015-09-06 11:46:25 by xTr1m xTr1m
xtr1m: you may have to check the "Other" folder as I am not on your F-list. Got an email from fizzer, none from you yet. See: https://www.facebook.com/help/188872764494245
added on the 2015-09-06 13:14:46 by metoikos metoikos
I was half-joking. For me it's about a 4.5 hour drive to Frankfurt. Which I guess in US terms is 'close' :)
But not quite in the range of "Yea sure, I'll drop by for a beer and demos tonight" :)
added on the 2015-09-06 13:55:23 by Scali Scali
he wouldn't even come to see me and we live 5 minutes apart!
Metoikos, I didn't get anything via FB either, but prefer email for communication anyway. Email sent.
added on the 2015-09-06 14:45:17 by Kylearan Kylearan
Mail's out. It's 2.5h from Tübingen but I might just decide to go for it. I could pick up Saga on the way if he wants to come =)
Will it be possible to crash at your place for the night?
added on the 2015-09-06 20:21:13 by dojoe dojoe
When you plan a meeting, don't forget that there are two Frankfurts in Germany!
added on the 2015-09-06 20:34:56 by novel novel


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