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Demoscene social issues

category: general [glöplog]
ok here: those who express their opinion by showing shit on the screen shall be prepared for me expressing mine by yelling BOOOOO
added on the 2015-04-20 22:02:43 by groepaz groepaz
dishing me a half assed demo with copy&paste effects is insulting to me as the viewer as well. i am spending my most valuable thing i have to offer: my time. at least TRY to entertain me, evoke feelings, make me think, blow me away, try to be cute, whatever. but dont dish me shit and expect me to cheer because you managed to hand it in.
added on the 2015-04-20 22:05:19 by Ragnarok Ragnarok

We have the right not to show your production on the bigscreen if we think them to be total crap or detestable, even in competitions without preselection. This does not disqualify your production and you can still vote for it. Please save yourself from having freedom of speech discussion - you can of course say what you want, but you certainly cannot force us to help you with it.

so yes, they should be happy it was shown at all, and BOO was all they got.
added on the 2015-04-20 22:07:36 by groepaz groepaz
... Time to get back to good old habits like fuckings in demos...

Go Bitbreaker Go! :-D
added on the 2015-04-20 22:13:56 by FeN FeN
the scene is all about booing and cheering; it's all part of >competition< + for every boo there's prob 3 cheers in the building anyway, :)
added on the 2015-04-20 22:24:32 by ne7 ne7
I also think the attentionwhore group signet is sexist.
you say this, like it is a bad thing? Have you eaten vegetarian food lately?
added on the 2015-04-20 22:31:26 by FeN FeN
added on the 2015-04-20 22:43:42 by T$ T$
I think we're done.

You know what must be done...

BB Image

Now were done...
added on the 2015-04-20 22:50:12 by ringofyre ringofyre
Share the love!

BB Image
added on the 2015-04-20 23:03:12 by v3nom v3nom
Is this within the code of conduct?
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2055919/Naked-woman-21-climbed-inside- dead-horse-wanted-feel-one.html
added on the 2015-04-20 23:07:18 by shock__ shock__
at least TRY to entertain me, evoke feelings, make me think, blow me away, try to be cute, whatever.

How? How should I know what you like? How should I know what the guy sitting next to you likes?
added on the 2015-04-20 23:10:11 by Gargaj Gargaj
shockwave: I hope there will be a demo made out of it!
added on the 2015-04-20 23:31:20 by T$ T$
LAN parties and demoparties look very similar on first glance: A hall full of computers, a mainstage, seminars & workshops, competitions, prizegivings, lots of people who share the same interests.
However at LAN party has strict no alcohol/drug rules because many of the top gamers are not of legal age, headphones required if you want sound and any other kind of harassment will get you kicked aswell.

Maybe some people apply that "common sense" they learned at LAN party when visiting a demoparty and that leads to some of the problems mentioned here. (No need to lecture me, I've visited a few parties. Just adding a different point of view that might help orgas.)
added on the 2015-04-20 23:31:55 by r1g8 r1g8
Gargaj: just checkout some of T$ or bitbreaker's contributions and you will immediately understand what they like and how to make them happy - it's not really that much what they need ;)
added on the 2015-04-20 23:34:50 by tomkh tomkh
Usually i can tell when people at least trie to make an effort. and to me it doesnt matter which way that goes. for example, even though i dont like kewlers, i voted for variform 2 because they tried to piss me off and succeeded.
And i didnt boo for the sake of booing nor because i didnt like it. i booed because some demos were downright terrible, lame, half assed, rehashing crap demos.
added on the 2015-04-20 23:48:57 by Ragnarok Ragnarok
You people worry too much. :-)
added on the 2015-04-21 00:34:26 by algorithm algorithm
BB Image
added on the 2015-04-21 00:39:44 by rudi rudi
tomkh: next time you´ll get your beloved rotating cube. maybe even with some-top-notch supershader freshly copy pasted from some nvidia paper for your viewing pleasure. are you happy now?
added on the 2015-04-21 00:40:03 by T$ T$
T$: I'm more of a geometry fetishist actually (and curvature).
added on the 2015-04-21 00:46:43 by tomkh tomkh
tomkh: then again, seeing you personally attacking people on their 'bad productions' is even lamer than an drunk moron accidentally vomiting over a laptop. but hey, you cant win them all :)
added on the 2015-04-21 00:46:52 by Maali Maali
Maali: touchy touchy
added on the 2015-04-21 00:50:27 by tomkh tomkh
you mean touché? :)
added on the 2015-04-21 00:58:50 by Maali Maali
sure, I say "touchy touchy", you say "touché" ;)
added on the 2015-04-21 01:00:21 by tomkh tomkh
tomkh: so you actually DO like ballsy stuff, too? perfect fate that my next decade of easter intros will have maximum shape and motion similarity with rudis pic as well!
added on the 2015-04-21 01:03:20 by T$ T$


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