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category: general [glöplog]
added on the 2016-01-31 16:33:02 by havoc havoc
There is a problem with this prod: demoscene relevance?
added on the 2016-02-01 15:18:26 by xTr1m xTr1m
could you please change the preview picture of:


to a new one: new preview pic:

thx ;)
added on the 2016-02-01 23:42:24 by ultra ultra

xtr1m: haven't seen the prod, so no idea (maybe ask the author?)
added on the 2016-02-02 02:28:56 by havoc havoc
There is a problem with this prod: The correct group is this one. Thanks :)
added on the 2016-02-05 16:32:22 by havoc havoc
Please add official download link for this production
added on the 2016-02-07 11:43:50 by Todi Todi
That red box below is here for a reason, you know :)
added on the 2016-02-07 13:54:45 by Tomoya Tomoya
There is a problem with the following prods:

this prod
this prod
this prod

Please add them to this party into pc 4k. Thanks!
added on the 2016-02-07 20:51:39 by Tomoya Tomoya
There is a problem with this prod: The page says the download link is broken, but it isn't (worked fine for me).
added on the 2016-02-07 22:08:29 by Kylearan Kylearan
i'm gonna reset the flag and we'll see whether it complains again, sometimes servers are configured in such a way that they return the "not found" error, even if it's there
added on the 2016-02-07 22:15:28 by Tomoya Tomoya
When submitting this prod I forgot to include a group, could you please set it to "Knights" as the two other issues of the music disk?
added on the 2016-02-08 15:55:18 by exocet exocet
sure thing
added on the 2016-02-08 18:01:50 by Tomoya Tomoya
Is this a bot?
added on the 2016-02-09 10:37:04 by seppjo seppjo
There is a problem with this prod: it's ECS/OCS, not AGA.
added on the 2016-02-10 13:25:37 by jazzcat jazzcat
There is a problem with this prod: this demo won amiga demo compo, not amiga ecs compo. There was only one demo competition at Gdynia party. Thanks.
added on the 2016-02-10 13:35:45 by jazzcat jazzcat
There is a problem with this prod: this is ECS/OCS production, not AGA.
added on the 2016-02-10 13:37:04 by jazzcat jazzcat
Hi, I submitted several Youtube links for The Demo by Logon System.

They got rejected and I got pointed to http://www.pouet.net/faq.php#faq45 which I somehow understand.

The problem with this demo is that there is no Youtube video that captures the demo as a whole but rather 1 video per part. What to do in that case? Do we prefer having no Youtube link at all? Or 1 link per part?

How do I add links to productions released at a party? e.g.: this prod was 1st, this was 2nd etc....

added on the 2016-02-12 23:46:14 by DaD1916 DaD1916

guardian: it's not in the faq so not a real policy but i would say a link to a playlist with all of those screens (and nothing else) makes the most sense- besides uploading a complete video with all screens and linking to that, of course

dad1916: Click the [+] or else post example
added on the 2016-02-13 13:29:38 by havoc havoc
can we edit the Bitfellas infos?
I mean this http://www.bitfellas.org/comment.php?comment.news.5058
There's a correction in comments.
Pouet just shows the news feed from BitFellas. We're not responsible for the content itself, you have to contact them directly in order to fix this!
added on the 2016-02-13 17:00:23 by Tomoya Tomoya
Havoc thanks for your answer but I don't see a + . Where should it be ?

Eg : I want to link to the results of this party http://www.pouet.net/party.php?which=1154
eg: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=34257 came first.

added on the 2016-02-13 21:21:02 by DaD1916 DaD1916
See, that's because the prod wasn't assigned to the party :) You should be able to set the compo now, all the party adding is done on our side!
added on the 2016-02-13 21:34:53 by Tomoya Tomoya


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