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fix me beautifull

category: general [glöplog]
added on the 2012-03-16 22:18:07 by StingRay StingRay
thanks! :)
added on the 2012-03-16 22:59:44 by evilpaul evilpaul
added on the 2012-03-18 11:00:41 by StingRay StingRay
this is not a "procedural graphics", and probably doesn't belong here
added on the 2012-03-19 07:32:37 by britelite britelite
Britelite: I changed this to "Artpack"... as it fits the most I guess... as far as I saw there is an executable or is it just a picture file?
added on the 2012-03-19 10:30:59 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
ltk: it's an executable picture (just like every single gfx-release on c64). So it's not really a pack either, just a picture
added on the 2012-03-19 10:42:58 by britelite britelite
MEH! i forget to put my new BBS topic into the right "CODE" section!

can you fix that dear OP?

added on the 2012-03-19 12:08:58 by rez rez
added on the 2012-03-19 15:22:49 by StingRay StingRay
added on the 2012-03-19 20:45:10 by reed reed
you can only add three. so i added the first three.
added on the 2012-03-19 20:50:13 by reed reed
sorry, the first two. plus the original group. that's three.
added on the 2012-03-19 20:50:47 by reed reed
and this

were released at this party
added on the 2012-03-20 01:01:40 by nosfe nosfe
Have you checked the party link before posting?
party clones have been lobsterxiced! feel very afraid!

added on the 2012-03-20 01:05:08 by Tomoya Tomoya
well fix the party too
added on the 2012-03-20 01:57:26 by nosfe nosfe
huh, pouet is weird, anyway, done
added on the 2012-03-20 02:04:28 by Tomoya Tomoya
youtube for this prod. thanks (:
added on the 2012-03-20 21:00:41 by StingRay StingRay
elsewhere by still

final video link

thanks for updating. :-)
added on the 2012-03-20 21:51:28 by decca decca

was released at this party in 2011 in combined demo compo, placed 1st

also this was released, same party, same year, same compo, placed 2nd
added on the 2012-03-20 23:59:27 by T-101 T-101
added on the 2012-03-21 00:09:59 by Tomoya Tomoya
Reed: I understand. Thx a lot!!!

Meanwhile my friend Bodo was asking if You guyz could add to his demo this YOUTUBE link: BB Image

Thanx in advance,
Hahaha, sorry,
this link of course :) :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKj6TaADFWo


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