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fix me beautifull

category: general [glöplog]
example for a "problem", the first group is in the title tag, the second not. :(

Amiga OCS, not AGA
added on the 2004-09-23 21:54:26 by britelite britelite
hey filipe, good work! :-)
added on the 2004-09-23 22:10:05 by unlock unlock
Made ECS since there is no OCS category. 3 Chipset-types should be enough in the list. ;)
http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1223 is not 'intro' but '64k' !
added on the 2004-09-24 12:24:25 by AbcuG! AbcuG!
also http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1227 is not 'intro' but '64k'...
added on the 2004-09-24 12:26:48 by AbcuG! AbcuG!
fixed, added the rank for both.
http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=2389 The demo called 'entropy' and the gourp is 'medeival' . Current name of the entry is 'mdl-entroy' i think need some fix. :/
added on the 2004-09-24 13:35:38 by AbcuG! AbcuG!
Fixed, although I believe using the scene.org link for #1342 would be better.
added on the 2004-09-24 17:37:46 by tomaes tomaes

artpack with no GUI, please delete.
added on the 2004-09-24 19:21:59 by dipswitch dipswitch

Update download-URL with scene.org:

http://www.scene.org/file.php?file=%2Fparties%2F2004%2Fkindergarden04%2Fdemo%2Fo utracks_lbow%28final%29.zip&fileinfo
added on the 2004-09-26 12:01:23 by gloom gloom
eh; correction - http://www.scene.org/file.php?file=/parties/2004/kindergarden04/demo/outracks_lb ow(final).zip&fileinfo
added on the 2004-09-26 12:03:16 by gloom gloom
added on the 2004-09-26 12:12:50 by tomaes tomaes
please change
screenshot to
thanks :)
added on the 2004-09-26 15:42:19 by trigger trigger
I just found out that the sorting by average rating or number of votes does not work, it only sorts the current page, while the page sorting is still alphabetical. This is a bit weird, since sorting by release date and popularity seems to work the way it should.
added on the 2004-09-26 18:28:11 by mjz mjz
trigger: done
shadez: done
mjz: you dont read the threads do you?
added on the 2004-09-26 18:36:44 by psenough psenough
Not all 34 pages. That is true. So now the same problem has been posted twice. My bad.
added on the 2004-09-26 19:41:52 by mjz mjz
mjz: thrice actually
added on the 2004-09-28 12:32:24 by psenough psenough
the correct title is still "In Crapula Veritas"
added on the 2004-09-30 00:50:57 by reed reed
who cares? :P


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