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category: general [glöplog]
There is a problem with this prod: ...

delete this prod, plz
added on the 2022-06-05 12:59:48 by bitl bitl
what's the reason (besides a dead link)?
sensenstahl, this prod did not exist as an offline version. In currently it not exist online. Even if I restore it to another host, i think this is incorrect format of release.
added on the 2022-06-05 18:01:15 by bitl bitl
There is a problem with this group: this is actually a Suspect Development Inc. abbreviation. Proof: Amperage BBS listed as a memberboard in their info file INFO.SDI here (scene.org link), as well as Thunder is listed as a member of this group.
So, linked SDi can be removed and combined with Suspect Development Inc.
added on the 2022-06-07 18:57:31 by 100bit 100bit
@BiTL: makes sense. killed it.
@100bit: done :)
There is no problem with [url=https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=87006]. Please replace the https://disk.yandex.ru/d/VSkp5lhegCS12Q with the file on download link. Errors have been fixed.
added on the 2022-06-18 22:16:50 by kuvo kuvo
@kuvo: next time please use the edit function. i replaced the link with one to my archive and included the old version in there.
This prod: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=28997

Title should be renamed to "Hulkamania", according to the screenshot.
added on the 2022-06-20 10:18:59 by Foebane72 Foebane72
fixed (because dz and kestra say so)
fixed (because dz and kestra say so)

I just thought that a screenshot from the actual prod (not to mention a sound sample) would take highest priority over the title of it.
added on the 2022-06-20 21:21:03 by Foebane72 Foebane72
Hello, the party version was accidentaly spred.
Could the exe in https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=91739 be replaced with this one?

added on the 2022-07-08 13:59:28 by spotUP spotUP
no need to do so. the current link goes to the freshly uploaded final (and the link you gave does not work anyway) :)
Can you please add this screenshot to this prod? Thank you!
added on the 2022-07-11 11:50:04 by tin tin
There is a problem with this prod: it's a remix of this demo
There is a problem with this prod:

It actually won the compo -> please update to 1st place. All others are n/a, as there is only a first place at uc
added on the 2022-07-12 17:53:33 by v3nom v3nom
There is a problem with this prod and that prod: they were in the same compo which should be named "Combined Oldschool Demo/Intro"
added on the 2022-07-13 19:01:41 by RufUsul RufUsul
Dear glöperators: Please, delete the .nfo file of this intro cause' I put there an screenshot by mistake a moment ago instead of a proper nfo file.
Sorry about that and thanks in advance! :]
added on the 2022-07-17 15:02:47 by ham ham
things done
Be a star is an invitation to TRSAC 2022.
added on the 2022-07-17 21:54:04 by Blueberry Blueberry
sensenstahl already fixed it :)
added on the 2022-07-18 16:17:46 by havoc havoc

The title of this prod is wrong, it should be "Fourteen", as indicated by the archive name, the readme.txt, and the end of the YouTube video when the title and end credits are shown.

At the very least, the title should be "XIV" and not "XIIII", as is also shown on the title at the end of the YouTube video.
added on the 2022-07-20 11:37:30 by Foebane72 Foebane72
the prod was submitted as "XIIII" to the party and was also added by the coder to pouet so i assume he knows what he is doing. i added fourteen in brackets though.
not anymore.


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