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category: general [glöplog]
phoenix: about "the main event" party- isn't this just the 1st edition of "digital symposium"? so not a separate party series? the nfo of main event seems to support this theory, and also the other prod on ds91 (the sepultura dentro) seems to match with results. both parties were organised in consecutive years in rotherham. so if there really is a relation between those events, why not put everything under "digital symposium"?
added on the 2017-09-24 10:25:54 by havoc havoc
There is a problem with this prod: the demo ranking must be 3rd not 6th (according to uc8 results)
added on the 2017-09-24 15:40:46 by Volantis Volantis
havoc: it's called The Main Event in the invitations, and on other sites like Demozoo and Janeway. I don't see any invites for Digital Symposium '91. Are there any diskmags or releases that reference it?
added on the 2017-09-24 18:16:06 by phoenix phoenix
phoenix: no, just the nfo itself... so what shall we do with that sepultura dentro then? move to "the main event" also? leaving it orphaned under a party that probably never existed for real can't be the solution, imho
added on the 2017-09-25 13:51:22 by havoc havoc
Pouet says "broken link" on these 2 prods, but it is fine now (possibly caused by Planet-d temporary downtime ?)



What can I do ?
added on the 2017-09-25 22:02:28 by fra fra
can we have a "linux demo" or "pc demo linux" compo? wired97 had such a compo
added on the 2017-09-25 22:16:15 by psenough psenough
havoc: Yes, you should move it. According to Janeway the Sepultura Dentro was released at The Main Event as well. The demo text says "The Digital Party", but that's the same thing.
added on the 2017-09-25 23:14:27 by phoenix phoenix
phoenix: ok done!

fra: i nudged those prods now, broken link indicator presumably won't return unless planet-d faces issues again (fingers crossed)
added on the 2017-09-26 08:43:54 by havoc havoc
@havoc : thanks a lot ! And yeah, sorry about hosting on planet-d :')
added on the 2017-09-26 11:36:15 by fra fra
This groups's ancient site is not up anymore, but there's a mirror available here.
Fixed. (many groups' websites are gone by now :)
added on the 2017-09-27 19:40:41 by tomaes tomaes
There is a problem with this prod: actually by Eternal Project.
added on the 2017-09-28 16:15:44 by 100bit 100bit
added on the 2017-09-28 16:39:43 by havoc havoc
There is a problem with this prod: change the party to this
added on the 2017-09-30 23:54:11 by Flashy Flashy
There is a problem with this prod: wait why did i forgot to mention that type must be 4k?
added on the 2017-09-30 23:57:41 by Flashy Flashy
already done ;)
There is a problem with this prod:

Could you add, by group "Astroidea", please. Thanks.
added on the 2017-10-01 01:26:22 by reptile reptile
added on the 2017-10-01 04:01:05 by havoc havoc
There is a problem with this prod: at the time of prod submission to pouet my release was not yet uploaded to scene.org, so as a primary link I've used my own site.

I would be grateful if it would be changed to:
https://files.scene.org/view/parties/2017/deadline17/wild/theheadboppingsong_c ompressed.mp4
added on the 2017-10-01 21:14:18 by louigi louigi
When I've added Kobo64 I only wrote "Singular" as a release group so it ended up without a group. It needs to be "Singular Crew" of course. Thanks!
added on the 2017-10-01 21:21:29 by soci soci
There is a problem with this prod: ...

I don't get it is said I have a broken link but it is not :
http://p0ke.planet-d.net/invitrovip2017.bin gave me the file properly.
Can you please check that ?

thanks a lot

added on the 2017-10-01 21:31:18 by p0ke p0ke

louigi: for such requests, it's easiest to use the automated edit request system at the bottom of the page :)

p0ke: the automated link checking process has a ~2 week rotation speed, see this thread for the rest of the explanation ;)
added on the 2017-10-01 23:35:42 by havoc havoc
havoc: it allows to edit additional links only, like youtube. I did not see an option there to change the primary download link.
added on the 2017-10-02 12:15:37 by louigi louigi
Ha, apologize, found it. I did not notice that there is actually an option to change the download link.
added on the 2017-10-02 12:17:59 by louigi louigi


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