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fix me beautifull

category: general [glöplog]
Also this prod: should have the nfo found in the final archive :)
added on the 2017-04-23 17:16:30 by ferris ferris
added on the 2017-04-23 17:18:36 by Tomoya Tomoya
added on the 2017-04-24 10:53:49 by havoc havoc

Please remove skrju as a group from the credits of the following prods:


It was just our musician, who participated there, and there's no any other connection between these prods and us, and we didn't take any part there.

Thank you!
added on the 2017-04-26 20:48:55 by sq sq
driven #31 was added twice. so the version without comments should be deleted.

added on the 2017-04-27 00:43:16 by Nafcom Nafcom
There is a problem with this prod: It's actually called "Shadertoy" without a space :)
added on the 2017-04-28 18:54:24 by kb_ kb_
I'm not 100% sure if it should be on pouet in the first place.
added on the 2017-04-28 19:08:52 by Gargaj Gargaj
I also found the demozoo URL was added twice to our Scene World #27 entry, once with https once with http. Please fix


Thanks in advance! :)
added on the 2017-04-29 16:19:54 by Nafcom Nafcom
Mr. StingRay needs to pay more attention when adding links. ;)
added on the 2017-04-29 16:35:34 by tomaes tomaes
Please remove "Amstrad Plus" platform from:

These run on Amstrad Plus but do not make use of the extra features.
There is a problem with this prod: party/compo/rank is The Gathering 1996, fast demo, 7th.
added on the 2017-04-30 00:08:00 by phoenix phoenix
There is a problem with this prod.
Title is just "automa"
added on the 2017-04-30 03:58:09 by ed209 ed209
added on the 2017-04-30 07:07:03 by tomaes tomaes
There is a problem with this prod: ...
This game by Assassins (group).
added on the 2017-04-30 08:25:56 by skoro skoro
There is a problem with this prod: can you add a field "invitation for: VIP 2017" (http://www.pouet.net/party.php?which=47&when=2017). Thanks !
added on the 2017-04-30 14:50:25 by g012 g012
done (already)
added on the 2017-04-30 16:46:40 by havoc havoc
There is a problem with this prod: platform = animation/video
added on the 2017-05-01 08:39:56 by Flashira Flashira
FishyFlashy: Done

wbc: All done!
There is a problem with this prod: Please change the screenshot to this.
added on the 2017-05-01 17:57:59 by noby noby
Wait... wrong tab.. :), I mean THIS prod.
added on the 2017-05-01 17:58:45 by noby noby
Stamps added. ;)
added on the 2017-05-01 19:25:02 by tomaes tomaes
There is a problem with this prod: party/compo/rank is Abduction '98, pc 64k, 6th.
added on the 2017-05-01 22:29:39 by phoenix phoenix
Admin: Party dupe here
added on the 2017-05-02 23:34:36 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc


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