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fix me beautifull

category: general [glöplog]
jok: the policy is that we never edit or delete bbs topics. an admin could close the thread perhaps, then you could repost with correct data and folks can only respond to that. it might take some time before any admin sees requests on this thread though :/
added on the 2018-05-24 10:14:31 by havoc havoc
havoc: thanks - it was my first topic here - so quite unfortunate :/
sure - it would be much better to delete whole topic asap
@admin ? :)
added on the 2018-05-24 11:03:19 by jok jok
ADMIN: please remove DUPE of this.
added on the 2018-05-26 16:02:06 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
There is a problem with this prod: ... It's not combined intro, it's oldschool intro
added on the 2018-05-27 11:33:52 by rmd rmd
There is a problem with this prod: ... hello guys. This prod was an Invitation for Silly Venture 2k18. Would be nice if you could add it in credits :) greets!
1) this prod is an invitation to this party

2) These prods: 1, 2 and 3 are remixes of this prod
added on the 2018-05-27 17:30:30 by waffle waffle
Please remove youtube from Red Smoke

Proper capture with music as it should be coming soon to replace this.
added on the 2018-05-27 21:08:46 by deepr deepr

deepr: plz use the automated request system for youtube changes/fixes, that's faster & easier for all
added on the 2018-05-28 08:49:50 by havoc havoc


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