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category: general [glöplog]
Hi there, I have released a slightly updated version of the demo, which includes a reworked README. Is it possible to replaced NFO file with this (if the link doesn't work, the same file can be downloaded from here), please?
added on the 2021-06-02 18:32:12 by saimo saimo
Ouch, I forgot to mention that the request above is relative to this prod. Sorry.
added on the 2021-06-02 18:33:41 by saimo saimo
@saimo: deleted the .nfo. you can upload the new one.
I just want to make sure with a small smile that you have seen a double post in the onliner that should not actually be possible. Not that I'm not happy to be the first to do this, but I think it's a bug. :D
added on the 2021-06-06 10:43:44 by D4XX D4XX
happens every now and then. i personally do not know if that is a bug or if it can be done on purpose (not that i tried ... erm ... ) now aim for 3 ;)
There is a problem with prod 59105:

The exe in the download triggers 26 of 76 engines on virustotal.
That is way above the threshold for letting it run on anything than a vm.
Any idea if this are all false positives and why there are so much of them?
Please have a look here: FAQ


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